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The Covid19 pandemic nobody had to have

This pandemic was/is the worst mismanaged catastrophic event in human history imaginable, and it is not over yet.

We had 3 great chances to end the pandemic by starving the virus completely. Without human contact the virus has nowhere to go and is eliminated.

The virus should also have never been made in the first place. We will mention that as well in passing because if it was never made none of this would have happened. Excluding that we still wasted 3 great opportunities.

The first time the pandemic could have been stopped was when it began in China. If people did not panic and did not leave China, it could have been contained. China and the USA who were both running/funding the research in the Wuhan Virology Laboratory and would have know it was a man-made virus. We really should have stopped worldwide travel for a few months anyhow, and everyone should have stayed in China until the virus was under control, and eliminated. China, the USA and the WHO are all responsible for this mess. They all knew from the outset that the virus had been made in the Wuhan Virology Lab., and perhaps knew about some characteristics of the virus as well. Instead of admitting it was made in a lab, all 3 tried to rubbish or hide the fact that it came directly out of a laboratory, and demonized anyone who suggested it came from the lab.

The characteristics that made the virus potentially pandemic-dangerous are that its main form of spread is through aerosols, and that some people could be infectious with no symptoms, that is, asymptomatic (or pre-symptomatic).

I find it hard to believe that China, the USA and the WHO did not know this.

China knew it spread via aerosols and that people may be asymptomatic. This is why they were all wearing mask from the outset and they were fumigating the streets. The virus has now come back to haunt China.

Researchers in the USA who were involved with this research knew all of this as well, including the advisor to President Trump, Dr Anthony Fauci. It is a disgrace that Fauci kept quiet about this and even tried to cover it up.

The WHO would not even partially admit it was mainly spread as an aerosol until 2021. It was unfortunate (of fortuitous?) that most of the WHO infectious disease experts were hand-washing idiots.

This is an aside.

How do we know it came out of a lab? For starters, there is actually a snippet of code that had been added to the virus to prevent the human body from producing ‘interferon’, which the body normally does when it is confronted with a invading pathogen. Turning interferon off meant that many people were asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic and that they skipped through any temperature checks at the airports. It is almost undeniable that China, the USA, and the WHO knew this, but said nothing. China did not want to take the blame for something that sneaked out of its virology lab, the USA did not want to admit to the world that it was working on a biological weapon, and the WHO just loves to be active, and ‘in charge’. There is nothing better than a pandemic for them.

We know now that the coronavirus SARS-CoV2 was almost certainly made in the Wuhan Virology laboratory, as the spike protein that sits of the surface of the virus has about 16 insertion of genetic code added to it, 4 of which come directly from the HIV virus. Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier was the first to point this out in 2020 but everyone said he was mad and had lost his mind. It turnds out he was correct. People were very critical of anyone who suggested the virus had been made in a laboratory. It wasn’t until early to mid 2021 that people started to accept the laboratory theory. Before that if you said it was made in the laboratory you were labelled a conspiracy theorist, or a nutter. I myself never believed the explanation that is came from the Wuhan wet markets and when I made a documentary about the way the coronavirus spreads in August 2020, I said so. It is unclear how the virus got out of the lab. Was it an accident, was it deliberate, or was it an accident waiting to happen? Why on Earth did they refine the spike protein on the coronavirus so it could enter human cells so easily through the ACE2 receptors. The virus could also have been developed elsewhere simultaneously as it was detected in sewerage in Spain in March 2019, and was in California in early January 2020. The virus may have also escaped during the World Military Games which coincidentally were also held in Wuhan in October 2019, about the time the virus got into the community. There are still many unanswered questions about the exact origin of the coronavirus and how it was released, and when it was released but the best guess is that it escaped the Wuhan virology lab in October 2019. We hope it was not deliberate, but that cannot be ruled out either. How the virus was released is all highly suspicious or just plain stupid to say the least.

One can speculate a bit further, as many researchers believe the spike protein is the actual bioweapon. The pharmaceutical company Moderna had a patent on it dating back to 2019, and the spike protein contain insertions from the HIV virus that are prion like, meaning they can enter the brain and turn it into mush. And if the spike protein is the bioweapon why is the spike protein present in every vaccine?


End of aside.

So, instead of staying put everyone who was in China panicked and flew home, only to take the virus with them, and spread it around the world. The virus quickly spread throughout the world and almost every country went into lockdown, once that realised that this was the way China had gained control of the virus.

Most countries then went into their own lockdowns to eliminate the virus. It was clear that this should work and countries like China, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Vietnam achieved this. The USA was always going to be a handful with then President Trump playing down the virulence of the coronavirus, calling if a flu, and saying it would disappear soon, ‘like a miracle’, was his famous line. I was always dismayed that people like Dr Anthony Fauci did not say much more about the coronavirus as it became evident later that he knew more about it than he was letting on. He had funded some of this research in the Wuhan laboratory, and he is supposed to be an infectious disease expert.

The second chance to eliminate the virus came later in 2020 when the number of active cases in most countries had fallen to a level where the virus was almost eliminated. The problem started in the USA and Europe, especially, where people were restless to get back to normal life and open up for the summer of 2020. People ignored all the science that was known at that time, namely that the virus looked to be spreading as an aerosol and any indoor activity like bars, pubs, restaurants, schools etc. were dangerous for the further reactivation of the virus, and this is exactly what happened. Many world leaders were also downplaying the virulence of the virus at the time and some were suggesting that herd immunity had already been achieved. All of it was rubbish. I knew this was not the case as I had already estimated that it would take 5 to 6 years to get everyone infected and achieve herd immunity. People were too keen on reopening businesses especially tourism. I recall that some countries, like Spain and the United Kingdom deliberately lied about their case numbers and deaths. We know this now because there were as many excess deaths in 2020 as deaths labelled to be from Covid19, the name given to the disease associated with the SARS-CoV2 novel coronavirus. These countries lied so as not to frighten away potential tourists.

Our third chance to end the pandemic came when vaccines were made. Vaccines have an efficacy, which means they are not perfect. If people used the vaccines properly and maintained the other restriction in the famous Swiss Cheese model, we had another great chance to end the pandemic. But this did not happen, and by the time the delta variant came out of India, it was too late to achieve herd immunity with vaccines anymore. I tried to get people to #stoptravel but they all let the delta variant spread around the world like fire. When India was in a covid surge, the world should have locked down again, but it did not.


We then all went through the ridiculous phase where governments mandated the vaccine on people. For many if they did not get the vaccine they could not work. To encourage vaccination governments lied to people that if you get vaccinated you are safe. They even used medical apartheid to keep the unvaccinated in lockdown while they offered special privileges to the vaccinated. The effect of this was to further spread the virus among the vaccinated, which generated so-called “vaccine induced variants”. The vaccine complacency and vaccism encouraged and perpetuated by the government and the media lead to the development of huge “virus pools” in which the vaccine could practice mutating around the vaccine induced immunity. In NSW in the first week of 2022, only 0.5%? (or 1 in 200) were unvaccinated. 98.6% of all new covid19 cases and existing cases were people who were fully vaccinated, 0.9% had one dose of vaccine. In addition to all of this all medical doctors and researchers were gagged, and doctors were all forced to the one treatment policy. Lots of alternative drugs which are known to be useful for the treatment or prevention of covid19 were outlawed in Australia. People were dying or being crippled by the vaccines and the media, government and TGA done their best to cover all of this up, so as to push their policy that everyone must get vaccinated. Reporting of adverse reactions to vaccines was not mandatory and over 100 people died after vaccination in Australia alone. tens of thousand to possibly hundreds of thousands suffered some sort of severe adverse reaction.

Most government even pushed the notion of “vaccine passport” which are a complete nonsense if the vaccinated are the main ones carrying the virus. In some places around the world, for example in Western Australia, vaccine passports and vaccine mandates are still in force. I cannot believe how stupid the public are.

When Omicron came along, it basically saved people form vaccine passports and tyrannical government control, but a few places around the world persist in the utter bullshit.

I am a complete lose as to why so many countries violated the most basic human right of all that a person should be able to decide what goes into their own body, when herd immunity was not possible. It is bizarre that vaccine mandates still exist in most states in Australia, if not all in some form. It is not based on science, and this has been the problem from the start, politicians made up their own ‘science’ as they went along. The truth will be revealed to everyone eventually and it will be far more shocking than you can possibly imagine.

We are now in a situation where we will have to live with this virus forever. There will always be a virus pool in which around 5% of all people are infected with SARS-CoV2 at any one time. The virus will keep mutating and we will all have to live with never-ending waves of variants. Most of use are going through a BA.2 Omicron wave at the moment but that will be followed by waves of BA.4 and BA.5 variants, and there is BA.12, and new variants will emerge form the huge “virus pool’ of infected people. We are also at a situation where the vaccines are now practically useless because of how the governments encouraged vaccine complacency.

Every man or woman is on their own now. There is no solution anymore. #zerocovid was the only real solution to this pandemic but we fucked it up at least 3 times.

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