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  • Reported covid vaccine deaths to TGA from brave doctors.

    Reported covid vaccine deaths to TGA from brave doctors.

    Take the covid vax for your community.Take the covid vax to protect your family. From the TGA website Database of Adverse Event Notifications – medicines for covid medicines/vaccines. This is a list of the main causes of deaths from that website. And do not forget that this is from reports made by doctors who were…

  • Australia records over 100 deaths in 1 day

    #letitrip #norestrictions #covid #australia #vaccineshavefailed Meanwhile the airline industry is complaining that the Australia has to many government restrictions because so many of the workers cannot return to work quickly enough after being infected. FFS. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-22/worst-airline-performance-figures-on-record/101260822?utm_medium=social&utm_content=sf258969892&utm_campaign=fb_abc_news&utm_source=m.facebook.com&sf258969892=1&fbclid=IwAR0ncEghXbJJs9TdVuTyQb58Ja-4nMuqlZiBr3WR8dtJntUb5vQMulrAKLI One hundred people dying in a plane crash would be big news, and this is happening every day in…

  • Covid in Australia

    Covid in Australia
  • Australia’s #letitrip Policy

    The federal ALP government is doing even less than the LNP and Scott Morrison in relation to the surging covid cases numbers, hospitalizations and deaths. Australia had the distinct advantage of learning from the rest of the world but is ignoring everything and letting the virus rip. This unconscionable policy comes directly from the federal…

  • The Vaccine Mandates must end Immediately

    The Vaccine Mandates must end Immediately

    I have been against the vaccine mandates from the start because they violate human rights and are experimental. In addition is was clear even then that #vaccinehavefailed. In January I used the NSW data (thank God for the COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit) to show that in the first week on January 98.6% of all covid19…

  • Nasal sprays are becoming popular given that vaccines have failed.

    Nasal sprays are becoming popular given that vaccines have failed.

    I personally endorse the use of other medicines, herbs, or drugs that help fight of suppress the coronavirus SARS-CoV2. Recently nitric oxide has been hailed on twitter as a new possibility to fight the coronavirus. I am not too sure about the claims and what they mean, eg, “New Enovid Kills 99.99% of viruses within…

  • Efficacy of vaccine to Omicron is -270%, yes, negative.

    This is from my post on 26 January 2022 on FB. I felt I needed to get this across again as it means you are much more likely to get covid19 if you are vaccinated. Most of this has to do with vaccine complacency but as I have argued to leads to large active virus…