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Efficacy of vaccine to Omicron is -270%, yes, negative.

This is from my post on 26 January 2022 on FB.

I felt I needed to get this across again as it means you are much more likely to get covid19 if you are vaccinated. Most of this has to do with vaccine complacency but as I have argued to leads to large active virus pools of infected vaccinated in which the variants can form.

Here is the calculation I did before to get a negative efficacy.

The efficacy of a vaccine becomes NEGATIVE when the ARV (attack rate on vaccinated) is greater than ARU (attack rate on unvaccinated). In NSW 95% of population is vaccinated or 0.95N, where N is the population of NSW. And 0.05N are unvaccinated.

I am using the table attached. I will ignore the “under investigation” or “unknown” and assume they take on the same distribution as the rest of the data. I will also disregard all the children data too, as they are unvaccinated. So I am calculating the efficacy of the vaccine for double dosed adults (12+). Using the data provided.

the efficacy of the covid vaccine, eff = 1 – ARV/ARU = 1 – (159127/0.95)/((1468+779))/0.05N.

I have been generous above in counting the single dose people as unvaccinated.

Back to the calculation. The efficacy to get covid is hence 1 – 3.7

We have a NEGATIVE efficacy folks.

The vaccinated are much more likely to get infected than the unvaccinated.

Wtf are they doing in Canberra? they are helping omicron spread by more vaccinations.


PS. I have been most generous in my calculation by lumping the one vaccine dosed people (1478) in with the completely unvaccinated (779)

It is hard to separate human behaviours out of this analysis but if this is not due to vaccine complacency we have a very serious issue with ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) going on here. This means the vaccine is actually helping the virus and not you, independent of how you act. To me this is damage to the immune system.

Of Course, this also makes a compete mockery of “vaccine passports”.

I never understood why you could enter a liquor store and mingle with the unvaccinated but could not buy any alcohol? There is clearly no link between alcohol and covid or vaccination and this was there as a coercion to get vaccinated. I think that is disgusting. They already coerced workers to get vaccinated to keep their job. Last week I discovered that you cannot buy any precious metals like gold or silver from the Perth Mint unless you are vaccinated. What? The alcohol bs was rescinded. Can McGowan please explain why the unvaccinated cannot buy precious metals? I am allowed to walk around the Perth Mint. This is extreme bs. The vaccinated are carrying most, if not all of the disease. This is the disease of the vaccinated. Are we seeing brain damage surface already?

Yesterday I worked out that 120,000 to 240,000 vaccinated will be keeping the virus alive in the community. Most will be asymptomatic. They are the “vaccine pool” I have been talking about. That is the science.

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  1. Long live apartheid. You don’t even have to have black skin. Your thinking is enough to discriminate against you.

    The only reason they dropped the rule that the unvaccinated could not buy alcohol (not that it had any basis to start with) was because people did things like this to expose the deliberately fraudulent policy. It is disgusting. What else would you expect from a premier who mandates the vaccines onto health young workers when there are serious side effects with the vaccine? hmm?

    Watch this for a good laugh.


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