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The Vaccine Mandates must end Immediately

I have been against the vaccine mandates from the start because they violate human rights and are experimental. In addition is was clear even then that #vaccinehavefailed.

In January I used the NSW data (thank God for the COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit) to show that in the first week on January 98.6% of all covid19 cases were fully vaccinated, so the government propaganda was bs. The government’s policy to impose restriction on the unvaccinated also lead to vaccine complacency and helped the virus spread. Now, they have even allowed the virus rip. #letitrip. Australia is the laughing stock of the world right now.

This is from a facebook post I did on 24 January 2022.

George Christos

This data is straight from the NSW website. I just want to pick out this bit. In the week 1 Jan 2022 to 8 Jan 2022, NSW has 226,672 covid19 infections. Of them 159,127 had 2 effective doses of vaccine, 1,467 had one dose, 779 had no effective dose, and 18,343 were no eligible for a vaccine. This is what screws me up from making any grand conclusions from this (other than it does support what I have been saying for 7 months, in that the vaccinated are infecting each other.) 46,955 (21%) are under investigation. I do not know if they are vaccinated or not. If I completely ignore the “under investigations” and assume they will follow the same distribution as we have with the other 69%, then I can say that159,127 / (159,127 + 1468 +779 +18,343) = 88.5% That is the exact number I came up with when I looked at the UK data and worked it out backwards based on some reasonable assumption based on efficacies.

So 88.5% of all new covid19 infection are fully vaccinated. One can also reasonable conclude that they got the infections with a similar distribution, so 88.5% of all covid19 cases in the NSW are fully vaccinated. Also 779 / (159,127 + 1468 +779 +18,343) = 0.43% are completely unvaccinated, but I have excluded those who were not eligible for a vaccine)

0.81% of all cases are one dose.
If I include the 18,343 into the unvaccinated group I get

(779+18343) / (159,127 + 1468 +779 +18,343) = 10.6% of cases are unvaccinated.

I am guessing that most of the 18,343 who were not eligible for vaccine are children.

Let me exclude them completely from what I have done above. So I am basically talking about adults 12+ or whatever.

Then 159,127 / (159,127 + 1468 + 779) = 98.6 % are fully vaccinated.

And 99.5% have received 1 or 2 doses of vaccine.

In that week ~92% of people 12+ in NSW were vaccinated.

So this is direct proof of “vaccine complacency” and/or ADE (the potential “negative efficacy” of vaccines to Omicron).
I did not learn much out of all of this except that it supported my assertion that vaccine complacency has made the vaccine less effective in controlling the virus. These lying politicians where giving the vaccinated privileges to encourage them to get vaccinated, and this has rendered the vaccines as ineffective in controlling covid19, actually they were counterproductive.

Vaccines still save lives and have a high efficacy to severe illness and death. Your chances of dying are probably still reduced by 80-90% from dying.

My problem with vaccines is the spike protein. I will write something more about that soon.

Also if you look at the last 4 weeks of data you will see that the number of unvaccinated has not changed much in total whereas the number of fully vaccinated who are infected has grown in number. this is clear sign that the vaccinated have been infecting themselves making it “the disease of the vaccinated”, a term I coined some time ago. Added to comments.

One last thing is “vaccine passports” are surely dead if 98.6% of those infected are fully vaccinated. This is direct proof that “vaccine passports” are a crock of soup.

Now an old friend of mine Wilson Sy from my days at the ANU has written this. I was into quantum field theory and Wilson was into plasma physics in those days. Physics prepares people for critical thinking and installs confidence.

“The NSW data show that the experimental COVID-19 injections didnot function as vaccines, because they did not decrease, but increase, infection, severe diseaseand death. Therefore, COVID-19 vaccination mandates cannot be reasonably enforced withthe experimental COVID-19 injections which do not function as effective vaccines.” (sic)

Here is Wilson’s paper:


There is absolutely NO justification to mandate the vaccines. As we say in maths and physics q.e.d.

Let us also not forget that the jab is more likely to send you to hospital than covid is.


I am bewildered by the push to not only mandate the experimental dysfunctional vaccines on healthy people but the push to jab children as well. Here is an advert I picked up from TV. It is a disgrace. If you search my blogs you will find one that shows that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine has dropped to 12% for children. If you search my blogs you will also find that the TGA cannot be trusted at all. They have been hiding data and lots of children who have died from the vaccine too. Search “TGA” in my blogs. Here is the ridiculous advert. If you are so stupid to inject your children with this shit, you are a very very stupid sheep.

Meanwhile, check out these idiots. They cannot be experts if the numbers are saying #vaccineshavefailed. They are just trying to make it look like they care whilst they let the virus rip.


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