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Why is China so keen to stay #zerocovid?

There are lots of reasons, and I believe Australia should have stayed #zerocovid as well. People could have still travelled etc but they would just have to quarantine when they came home. For many it could have been home quarantine.

Back to China. Why are they so keen to stay zerocovid?

  1. The coronavirus is a bioweapon. It was made to infect humans but adding the spike protein to a bat virus, and the spike protein has at least 16 insertions, 4 of which come directly from the HIV virus. If people in the West knew this, they would not be so keen to call it a flu and catch it. There are 2 great videos in the post “The Spike Protein is the Bioweapon” (see below) by Dr Richard Fleming who dissected the deliberate construction of the SARS-CoV2 virus in the Wuhan Virology Laboratory and connected it together with research papers chronologically.
  2. The spike protein, of which some 64 sat on the surface of the novel coronavirus is toxic in itself, which means that all the vaccines are as well. This is why so many people have either died from the vaccines of have been injured. It would also explain the increase of heart attacks as well, especially among sportsmen. I recently say a video with over a hundred well-known sports stars who have suffered heart attacks after being vaccinated. This is one of the reasons the Chinese vaccines do not contain the spike protein.
  3. China’s vaccine is not terrible effective against the coronavirus and even for Omicron which has a lower fatality rate of 0.1 to 0.5 % it could mean China would have around 100,000 deaths a day. See post “What is going to happen in China?” (below)
  4. One cannot live with the virus. With some 100 million plus actively infected people in the world at any onetime, new variants will be formed and people will face an ENDLESS series of waves from variants. Australia for example when through a brief delta wave, followed by a BA.1 wave and now is going through a BA.2 wave, but there are some more infectious BA.2 variants to come as well as BA.4 and BA.5. See post “Omicron now has 73 subvariants” (link below), and “Some of the Omicron Subvariants BA.2.* seems to be more deadly than BA.2” (also with link below). Not just that we will be confronted with never-ending waves of new variants, but we will need never-ending vaccines as all the new variants get to mutate around the vaccine induced immunity in the large “virus pool” made up of complacent vaccinated people. The West is living in a world of the rolling pandemic with waves every 4 months or so.
  5. With so many infected people, recombinants are now a real possibility and this is where the virus has the best potential to not only become more infectious but also more virulent. In genetics, crossover, which occurs when a person is infected by more than 2 variants are the same time is a quantum leap. We have already found recombinants like Deltacron, OmicronXE, Flurona. Omicron itself is a recombinant variant.
  6. Lastly if the coronavirus does not kill you it can leave you with permanent organ damage (including brain damage) or #longcovid. The cost of this on the medical system is going to be enormous.
  7. The other big problem for China is it is going to be hard to stop the virus from spreading given that their population density is so high and they now live in almost western style apartments and buildings, because #CovidisAirborne and loves indoors.
Modern China has some of the most densely populated cities in the world.

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