Dr George Christos

covid19 & Monkeypox (MPX)

MPX update 23 June 2022

There are now 3552 cases of #MPX in the world. Doubling time seems to have stabilized at 9-10 days. See previous posts to see estimates forecast. It is confirmed in 43 countries, unconfirmed in another 12 countries. This new variant of Monkeypox is now appearing in countries in Africa, like Ghana (18 confirmed cases) and Uganda, and in South America. Alarm bells should have gone off long ago.

The WHO is still sitting on its hands. I think they are stupid or want it to grow into a pandemic so they can have more work and power.

I know the world will panic (and introduce restrictions) before this happens, but based on a doubling time of 9.5 days, means every day it increases by 1.0757. (1.0757)9.5=2.

now: 3550 cases
In 30 days time (24 July 2022) 31,720 cases
In 60 days time (23 Aug. 2022) 283,425 cases
in 90 days time (22 Sept. 2022) 2.53 million cases
in 120 days (22 Oct. 2022) 22.63 million cases
in 150 days (21 Nov. 2022) 202 million cases
in 180 days (21 Dec. 2022) 1.807 billion cases
Merry Christmas!

A straight line in a log graph signifies exponential growth.

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