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  • Covid19 update for Australia 30 Sept. 2022

    Covid19 update for Australia 30 Sept. 2022

    The weekly covid19 figures for Australia came out today, since they abandoned giving people daily case numbers a couple of weeks ago. This was all an attemt to play covid down. Unfortunately the deaths continue. 286 people died from covid19 last week. That is more than were killed in the Bali bombings, 202. Albanese pretends…

  • Update Covid19 Australia

    Update Covid19 Australia

    Last week Australia had reported 43,820 new covid19 cases and 181 deaths from/with covid, and about 104 excess deaths. CFR covid ~ 0.41%. Here are the tallies from last week.

  • COVID UPDATE: What is the Truth?

    COVID UPDATE: What is the Truth?

    I posted this on Facebook when it was published. It is good. Facebook could not do a thing as it was published in a pier-reviewed journal. I will not try to summarise it. My post add to the absolute bs that has taken place over the last 2 years. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2909281562725698/posts/3177790285874823/ FB took it down and…

  • MPXV update 24 June 2022

  • MPX update 23 June 2022

    MPX update 23 June 2022

    There are now 3552 cases of #MPX in the world. Doubling time seems to have stabilized at 9-10 days. See previous posts to see estimates forecast. It is confirmed in 43 countries, unconfirmed in another 12 countries. This new variant of Monkeypox is now appearing in countries in Africa, like Ghana (18 confirmed cases) and…