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Is this Monkeypox virus bio-engineered?

This Monkeypox virus in Europe and America is very different to the Monkey Pox virus last seen back to 2018-19. There are too many mutations for it to be natural. Read below.

There are 50 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms): 50 changes in the genetics of the virus from the last isolated samples in Europe in 2018-2019.” (sic)

The Monkeypox virus is a double helix DNA virus. The double helix nature of it ensures that it does not mutate much. In the double helix 2 opposite or complement strands are joined together. So if a mutation (error) happens in one of the stands the other stand might be able to fix it. This is one of the reasons Dr Robert Miller called it ‘Fearporn’. It will never mutate like the coronavirus he said. I think he will rethink what he said if he knew so many mutations have already happened. These hyper-mutations have no chance of naturally happening.

This means it could well be bio-engineered. This is getting scary now.

Read more about it here:

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Then we have the WHO and MSM (Main Stream Media) playing it down for now. I recently posted that the WHO has been playing it down, saying it mainly spread between gay men. We know that is not true. A young boy has it in UK.

My earlier post

Also strange. As more details emerge they say things like, it seems to be more infectious, it can spread by droplets, maybe aerosols even (Norman Swan). See this Facebook post.


Then we have this weird Exercise run by some Fringe Group called the “Nuclear Threat Initiative” (NTI). They used Monkeypox as their example in the simulated bioterrorist event and their start date is in May 2022. hmm?? That is creepy.

The Monkeypox that is spreading like mad in Europe is not the usual rare not-so-infectious strain from West Africa. It has spread much too fast for that.

The WHO also said not to take the (small pox) vaccine, it is not required.


Now look at this page in that NTI documents I recently posted. Look at the date the Monkeypox is released 15 May 2022. Why that fate/date (Freudian slip by me so I left it)? Coincidence? Maybe? Why monkeypox, a rare non-contagious virus? And read what is says at Jan 2023. “The Monkeypox has been engineered to be vaccine -resistant” WTF? The WHO is advising people not to take the smallpox vaccine. Why? Do they want the virus to spread more or do they know something we do not, i.e. the vaccines do not work.

I’ll add a link to the whole report in a comment later. Follow me to see it.

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