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How many people actually have covid? x20?

I assumed that with vaccines masking/reducing/preventing symptomatic illness that there would be at least as many as counted cases who are asymptomatic and not counted.

This article about the covid19 outbreak in Shanghai blew my socks off.

“Shanghai on Tuesday reported 22,348 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases and 994 symptomatic cases for 11 April, the local government said. Asymptomatic cases were down from 25,173 a day earlier. The symptomatic cases rose from 914.” (sic)

China does not even have a great vaccine and 20 time are asymptomatic than are symptomatic. Wtf? I do not believe this, even if some of the asymptomatic turned out to be pre-symptomatic. Even if the ratio of symptomatic to asymptomatic was 10:1 it would mean almost everyone in Australia (with over 5 million actual counted cases) have encountered the virus already. Not all the 5 million were symptomatic as some people just got tested because they were as some hotspot or where a close contact. Even if I assumed that only 2 million were symptomatic and multiple by 10 (and not 20 as in China) I would get close to 20 million people infected. It just does not compute. I have no idea what is happening in China but I am a bit suspicious.

It is interesting though that China gives us some figures like this whereas Australia, the States, The TGA and The Commonwealth Health Department are hiding figures. We get told zip. I wonder how many of the covid19 deaths were vaccinated people. We could at least calculated the efficacy of the vaccines and do some planning. We don’t even get told when children DIE from the vaccine. I recently discovered that a 9 year old girl and a 7 year old boy died on 25 March 2022 and 11 March 2022 respectively. The I randomly picked on the last day of data on the TGA Database DAENS, the 28 March 2022, and found there were 9 deaths and not 2 as was reported by the TGA. Within these 9 deaths from the vaccines there was a boy aged 6 and a young man aged 19. These alone are more deaths than would be expected from covid19, and I did not look at every date. The data is camouflaged by the TGA to make it difficult to search through the database and I strongly believe this is intentional. They want parents to vaccinate their children but I do not know why because they are barely at risk form the virus and herd immunity has not been possible since the delta variant in July 2021. Omicron is 3 to 4 times more infectious so we are talking about an R naught value of 30 to 40. Even 100% coverage cannot get herd immunity and the effectiveness of the vaccines wanes after 2 months anyhow and even goes negative. There is already a constantly active “virus pool” of over 500,000 people in Australia. This is a permanent things now.


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