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Covid19 update for Australia 30 Sept. 2022

The weekly covid19 figures for Australia came out today, since they abandoned giving people daily case numbers a couple of weeks ago. This was all an attemt to play covid down.

Unfortunately the deaths continue. 286 people died from covid19 last week. That is more than were killed in the Bali bombings, 202. Albanese pretends to care about the Bali bombings where 88 Australians died but this week, and last week, and for every foreseeable week in the future, about 300 Australian will die. “Oh, most are old or were about to die anyhow they say”. Did we do all the lockdowns and quarantining to just let them all die now? Hmm.

And let us not forget all the people who were killed by the ‘safe and ‘effective’ vaccine. Lots of healthy young people died in vein. We heard of many sportsmen take the tumble after the vaccine frenzy, including Shane Warne. How many others died? In a recent blog, I pointed out that the vaccines are now even killing people from covid19 itself.


Here are this weeks figures. We know some fudging is taking place as the excess unexplained deaths are alos about 100 to 200 people a week. Some might be after-covid (like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip) but I think many are also vaccine related. The TGA is doing its best to hide vaccine deaths and facebook, etc. are assisting in this massive cover-up. Oops, I forgot, I am not allowed to have an opinion.

Now we are being told that all isolation periods will be scraped completely. This is just after it was reduced to 5 days a couple of weeks ago, even though the infectious period goes on for 7 days. They want to hurry up and get everyone infected because they believe in the “herd immunity” God even though they do not understand the science behind herd immunity. It is just not possible anymore.

Mandatory COVID-19 isolation periods scrapped from October 14, emergency response ‘finished’ says national cabinet

Here is a link to some of the many posts/blogs I have already written much about Herd Immunity in my facebook group. FB keeps putting me in jail for violation of their ill-defined community standards now as they got sick of apologising to me that fact-checker was wrong (at least 11 times, but I still served time). They are a disgrace, as is the rest of the media. They have allowed politicians to unravel their dystopian narrative without any questions.


Now they want us to believe covid has disappeared but they are are still jabbing old people in homes and killing most of them by vaccination or making them more susceptible to covid. They are also jabbing as many children as possible too because they think herd immunity is possible again, as young people carry the virus.

We will have a permanent “virus pool” of about 1 million people in which the virus will mutate and evolve to escape any immunity by natural infection or vaccination, and that is just in Australia. There will be about 40-50 million people who are constantly infected in the world. We have generated about 400 variants of Omicron so far and that number is growing and beside mutations we are also generating recombinant variants. A recombinant variant could easily become more virulent.

Even if everyone was instantly infected and had natural immunity it would be a waste of time as a new immune-evading variant is being generated on a weekly basis and it is spread worldwide by the rich countries almost immediately. It is not like the flu. This year is different from the flu last year.

Australia will eventually have on the order of 50,000 deaths from covid (15,000 so far) and hundreds of thousands (up to 1.5 million) will have some form of long covid. About 150,000 to 250,000 will be unable to work again. This is an ongoing permanent situation with something an order or two in magnitude compared to the seasonal flu. It could well Merge with MERS. Anything is possible right now as they #letitrip.

note. To me a died with covid death is a covid death. I am sure that “old person” or “immune deficient person” did not want to die. I also regard vaccine deaths as covid deaths, as the masses fell into the trap of hypocrisy by propaganda.

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