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Russia asserts monkeypox came out of a USA biolab in Nigeria.

Russia asserts that monkeypox came from a USA biolab in Nigeria. The USA has 4 biolabs in Nigeria in Lagos, Abuja, and Zaria. This is interesting because the WHO has also said it believes the current monkeypox virus came out of Nigeria.

A laboratory made monkeypox is also consistent with the fact that the current strain of monkeypox has at least 50 mutations compared to a sample when there was a minor outbreak at a Naval base in the UK in 2017.

Being a DNA double helix virus makes natural mutations less likely in monkeypox than in other RNA viruses. This in itself is VERY suggests that monkeypox came from a laboratory.


Monkeypox is related to Smallpox which was eradicated in 1980 by vaccination and containment. Smallpox had a case fatality rate of about 30%, whereas the West African monkeypox virus has a CFR of about 3-6% but it is higher in children.

They say that people who were vaccinated more than 40 years ago for smallpox are still protected (85% efficacy) to monkeypox but no one can say for sure.

I found this information sheet on Monkeypox under the WHO. I note that human to human transmission can occur via large droplets but let us not forget that the WHO played down aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV2 (the coronavirus) for the best part of a year, and that this monkeypox virus has already spread much further and much quicker than would be expected for the usual monkeypox virus.

So far is has spread to over 20 countries and there are a few hundred cases now. The WHO continues to play it down, saying it can easily get it under control, although it acknowledges that we can expect to see more cases. Meanwhile some infectious disease experts want the WHO to be doing more now.



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