Dr George Christos

covid19 & other Infectious diseases

Monkeypox now over 400 confirmed cases in 24/25 countries.

The WHO continues to play it down.

Anti-vaxxers think it is a hoax to get people into a panic to inject them with more ‘poison’. They are asleep and claim they are awake. Some anti-vaxxers claim it is a side-effect of the Pfizer vaccine. It is not. It has been observed and numerous mutations have been observed in it from when it was last in the UK in 2017.

I remain suspicious because the WHO is playing it down, and with the MSM are suggesting it is a gay disease. It is not. It may even spread as an aerosol. Yes.

Read my other articles. The list of countries it is in are listed on the right-side of one graph. I believe it is also in Bolivia and the Canary Islands.

Bolivia is listed as a suspected case. Suspected cases are also listed in Ecuador, French Guiana, Greece, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, and Thailand.

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