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Is pox crossover possible? Could viruses be the origin of sex in species?

We know that monkeypox virus does not mutate much (being a DNA virus) but can it recombine or crossover with the monkeypox virus from Nigeria or Congo? And what about other orthopoxviruses in animals, or even the small pox vaccine if they still use cowpow or vaccinia. The problem will be exacerbated if animals get infected with monkeypox. We know that some do. There are a lot more animals that people on planet Earth. I am slightly concerned about vaccinating people possibly infected people with monkeypox (close contacts) with vaccinia (the old small pox vaccine) during the pandemic, as this selectively puts Western MonkeyPoX Virus (WMPXV) together with the vaccinia virus.

A catchy title would have been “poxy sex”. To a virus crossover is like sex. Maybe this is how sex actually evolved. Very interesting. Poxy viruses came before sex. ??

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