Dr George Christos

covid19 & other Infectious diseases

Fingers crossed. Monkeypox may have hit a brick wall.

When it first started it looked like a rapidly growing exponential spread possibly even airborne but a number of things could have limited its sudden abrupt slowdown in spread.

  1. It might not be airborne. Even if most patients are men who have sex with men they emits aerosols and I would have expected a greater number of general community infections. So I am not convinced it is greatly airborne.
  2. Even after more than 3 months most infected are still men who have sex with men. You would think that if the virus spread by puss from the sores more people other than men having sex with men would have got infected. I have speculated that the blisters and sore with this variant of monkeypox may be predominantly in the genital/ anus area so not easily transmitted to general public, making it a potential sex disease eventually as bisexual people infect women. There are some good images of where this new monkeypox clade has blisters in this link in BJM. WARNING. Some are quite graphic and disgusting to look at.
  3. The program of isolating close contact and vaccinating them with small pox vaccine may be working thus far. I hope it does not generate a new recombinant variants. It shouldn’t do as the actively infected numbers is falling and is not large.
  4. Homosexual and bi sexual men might be being a lot more cautious while having sex. They are usually quite polygamous when it comes to sex and rage parties. This may have fuelled the initial exponential growth.

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