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WA reports 10,000 covid19 cases a day, compared to India’s 3500 cases a day.

Western Australia has 3 times more cases a day than the whole of India, which has a population of 1.38 billion people.

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Say that again. What does this tell you about how the pandemic is being handle in Western Australia (and Australia) where >98.9% (over 16) are fully vaccinated?

WA having 10,000 covid19 cases a day is equivalent to india having 5.2 million cases in one day, on a per capita basis.

And we scrapped the one mandate (masks) that is supported by science and kept the other 2 that are not supported by science.

Vaccine mandates are not supported by science. Herd immunity is not possible (since delta arrived in July 2021). They (the Premier and CHO) will try to argue it prevents you from death by 80% or more, but people have been killed and maimed by the vaccines. That is a fact. Lots of young children have even died from the vaccines. I randomly stumbled on a few myself. Search my other posts (click on my name for search option). Most people who die from covid19 are very old. Why mandate a young healthy worker if he or she wants to work? That is a violation of their human rights to decide if they want an experimental vaccine injected into their bodies. Even Dr Fauci said a vaccine normally takes many years (like 6 to 8) to be developed an tested properly. And why encourage children to get vaccinated when the efficacy of pfizer is now 12% for them. For the adults it probably averages out to 30% over 3 months at the moment. That is hardly effective medicine. And then to discriminate against people for their beliefs, that they should be able to decide if they want a product injected into their bodies. This is shameful to the extreme. I feel sick. And why are all these intelligent people who got vaccinated staying quiet? If they are mandated, they will say I had to for my work. If they voluntarily got vaccinated they do not want to admit they were stupid, or maybe they enjoy the extra privileges they get and do not care that ole people will ultimately die from their selfish behaviour. I am disgusted in these people. Did they tell you that the spike protein gets into the brain. This is fact. Did they tell you that the spike protein is the bioweapon that was patented by Moderna c2018. Did they tell you that the spike protein has 4 insertion from the HIV virus. Also fact. Did they tell you that there are prion-like domains in the spike protein? A prion make proteins in you brain change shape and become inactive. You brain can turn to mush like in mad cows disease.

Vaccine passports are ridiculous beyond belief when 98.6% of all new covid19 cases in NSW in the first week of 2022 where fully vaccinated. The disease is being carried and spread by the vaccinated. We need unvaccinated passports. And to make this worse the government encourages this myth by giving the vaccinated special freedoms. >98.9% of people in WA over 16 are morons. That is now fact.

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