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The lies about vaccine mandates are coming out.

I have been against “vaccine mandates” since all this BS started in Australia last year. My main reasons are that it violates the most basic of human rights in one should be allowed to choose what goes into their bodies. The second, and main reason is that ALL covid vaccines contain the spike protein which many scientists see as very dangerous and toxic to the human body.

Government departments like the Commonwealth Health Department and the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) are deliberately hiding vaccine injuries and deaths so as to push the narrative: one solution for all, namely vaccines. They have continued to do so, even though it is now widely known now that vaccine injuries are more widespread and much more serious. At least 1000 vaccine deaths have been reported after a covid immunisation, and reporting is not mandatory but even discouraged. Some have suggested that the reports are only the tip of the iceberg. Doctors are discouraged from reporting adverse events, and some are punished if they do so. Doctors and scientist have all be gagged as well.

I am sure a lot of people would have never have received the vaccine if they were no mandated or if they knew the following:

  1. the vaccine does not stop you getting infected and transmitting the virus
  2. you do not have to have symptoms to be infected
  3. probably 75-80% of all covid deaths are fully vaccinated people, be they mostly old.
  4. Most people who get Covid19 are fully vaccinated. I calculated that 98.6% of all covid cases in NSW in the first week of 2022 were fully vaccinated.
  5. Herd immunity is impossible.
  6. State health departments and governments know all the above too well (if they do not they are complete idiots) but persist with mandating the vaccine saying it reduces your chances of getting seriously ill by 90%. The figure is more like 70% now, and only really applies to the elderly, yet they are pushing the vaccines onto children as well, most of whom would hardly be affected by covid19.
  7. a few months after vaccination the efficacy of the vaccine goes negative, which means you are even more likely to contract the virus than an unvaccinated person. A person needs to get a booster every 2 months to stay in the positive efficacy range.
  8. the vaccines weaken people’s immune systems. Some scientists suggest it may be permanent but that cannot be concluded as yet. In any case people’s immune systems might not be able to handle the common cold and flu come winter, which is just around the corner in Australia.
  9. most of our problems are due to government misinformation and the resultant vaccine complacency from that misinformation.
  10. The spike protein stays in your body for much longer than people were told.
  11. The spike protein is toxic. The spike protein was made in the Wuhan laboratory and added to a bat virus to make it contagious but it is toxic in its own right.
  12. The spike protein causes blood clots because amyloid deposits try to neutralize it.
  13. The spike protein enters the brain and contains prion like domains. This could lead to something similar to mad cows disease
  14. If the spike protein gets into the basil ganglia, Parkinson’s disease is a real possibility.
  15. The spike protein enters most body organs, and inside the liver it has been shown to enter the nucleus of the human cell, where the DNA is and this can lead to reverse RNA transcription. In other words it can change your DNA.

Recently the WA Police union took the states CHO (Chief Health Officer) to court about having to have the toxic vaccine. Article below.


I love how the Police are taking care of their own, but violently attack the public if they protest. They are a bunch of hypnotical bullies with a low IQ who carry out orders from the government even though they are meant to be serving the public.

The fact is, nobody should be force to take a vaccine that is still experimental, dangerous and now ineffective.


It has just been announced that the Port Hedland Council plans to take the Government to court about mandating the vaccine. It should have stopped a long time ago.


Most people are ignorant to how covid19 spreads and how ineffective vaccines are, but they choose to bury their heads in the sand, so as not to admit they were fooled. Many are still asleep. They will wake up when it is too late. The media has also been bought to run the vaccine narrative and even social media platforms will punish people for speaking the truth. That has happened to me on Twitter (when I pointed out that astrazeneca was ineffective and dangerous), Facebook (if I overstepped my critical view of vaccines too far, such as releasing some of Pfizer’s own data), and on Youtube (for finding deaths of children from vaccines in the TGA’s own data). The social media platforms use what are called fact-checkers. I recently looked at some old fact-checker statements from last year which are now blatantly wrong.


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