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Taiwan chose to live with covid, just like Australia.

Seeing the hardship endured by the Chinese people in Shanghai, Taiwan which has roughly the same population as Australia decided to lift most restrictions and live with the virus. I would suggest more Taiwanese are wearing masks than Australians, who are completely complacent and so far in this pandemic has been lucky, lucky that omicron came along, lucky to have not had such a deadly variant.

So how has that been? Yesterday they recorded nearly 95,000 cases and 126 deaths. The predominate variant is BA.2.3 (from the UK and Europe). Lucky it is not BA.2.2 like Hong Kong had and China and North Korea have now or the death toll would have been much higher.

Taiwan has actually overtaken Australia as the country with the most covid10 daily cases per capita. I still think Western Australia just pips them though. And what are they doing here to combat covid. Nothing.

Meanwhile Taiwan is struggling to assist affected businesses and the general downturn in the economy.


Australia is very lackadaisical about covid with over 50-70 people dying a day. No one seems to care. They are just old or sick people, or immune compromised people, so who cares, is the attitude. 50 deaths a day is 18,250 deaths a year, and it will soon be 100 a day or 36.500 a year. Is that acceptable. Does a person with an unfortunate disability deserve to die. I am sure they wouldn’t mind living a bit longer but with a society that has let the coronavirus rip, they are doomed.

All all those elderly people who endured tough times in the 1930, 1940s and 1950s. Do they deserve to be thrown to the wolves so the travellers can get some normality back into their lives.

The problem is, and this is why China does not want this virus just yet, is that this becomes a permanent thing. Australia and Taiwan will forever have a “virus poll” of about 1.5 million people, in which the virus is happily mutating with the vaccine induced acting as a training shield for it to bypass.

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