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Science is about questioning not censoring

The Surgeon General of Florida USA has been censored by Twitter for telling people there has been an 84% increase in heart issue with young males and that he recommends that people under the age of 40 should no longer get the mRNA vaccines. If I was to post this on Facebook I would be censored as well, not for misinformation but for what they have been using of late to try to keep me quiet, “Community Standards”. Social media and should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for playing the “do it for the team” bs narrative.

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It has been well know that chest pains, heart attacks, myocarditis and pericarditis are intrinsically linked with the mRNA vaccines. There is no question about this. It is backed by VAERS and DAENS (the database in Australia) data that escapes the clutches of the governing bodies (like the TGA in Australia, the Commonwealth Department of Health, and State Health Bodies in Australia). Just take a look at the leading cause of death after vaccination of the DAENS database. Click on my name and search for the TGA on my blogs or search TGA in my posts in my facebook group, Everything you need to know about Covid19 & Monkeypox.

Even respected Dr Campbell has to walk on egg shells to bring us this news. This is disgusting. And meanwhile in Australia they are jabbing children from 6 months old.

I said back in November 2021, when Omicron came along that there no point in vaccinating anyone less than 70 or 80 and only if they wanted it too*). So what do our moronic politicians do, they mandate it and introduce “vaccine passports” and a means to gain more power over the people. And then even though a cost/gain analysis clearly suggested that young people should be excluded form vaccination, they mandate the vaccine on people if they want to stay in work. Unjustified by the science, draconian, and in clear violation of the most basic of human rights, to decide what goes into your body AND mind. They persisted with psychological torture to get as many people as possible vaccinated and then they went after the children, between 5 and 12, then from 6 months to 4 years. This is a crime against humanity, especially as they do not need this shite (CFR is like 0.0001%) and it is an experimental untested vaccine to boot. FFS, you do not need to put rust converter on a new car.

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*) If you look at this it is hard not to think that the vaccine primes the elderly fro a covid death.


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