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Parkinson’s disease and covid19

This is probably one of the main reasons I still do not want to get covid19. Could Covid19 lead to Parkinson’s disease in people just like the 1918 (Spanish) Flu did, some 4 to 8 years after.

This chap is the expert on Parkinson’s but I think I can update him by saying that we do know that the SARS-CoV2 virus enters the brain, and enters neurons.

The protein spike in vaccines also enters the brain and neurons. This is why I never got vaccinated btw. Plus I could smell a scam coming on. lol. This stuff is so good for you we have to mandate it. Did someone tell the politicians that herd immunity was still possible? Jacqui Lambie and Michael Gunner made such fools of themselves. See a previous post. We actually have much more evidence of neurological damage from vaccines than from covid19.

It is good to listen to an expert who has thought about the complexities of how one might be able to establish a link, and separate the two, and was onset inevitable.

Leaving on a happier note, I have not seen anyone scream that there is sharp rise in Parkinson’s yet, but it is still early days.


The above video was Sept. 21. Here is an update from March 22. I think it is too early to tell, and Dr Antonini bets both ways.


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