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Masks should have stayed

The latest biggest boo-boo made by Australia with its handling of covid was to remove the mask mandate. With winter approaching and the knowledge that the coronavirus loves the cold. It survives in environments for longer and is airborne. This is well know science now. To keep covid in check we should have kept the best defensive restriction on the spread of covid. MASKS!

What most people still have not sussed out is the the SARS-CoV2 predominantly liked to spread through the air as an aerosol. 97% of all super-spreading occurs indoor and 96% is via aerosols.

If you want to know more about how to avoid the bioweapon pathogen watch this video.

The other good reason to have kept mask is that Australia has not had influence for 2 years, and this year’s influenza is off to a kick start, and not only is it novel but people’s immune systems have been over-primed with covid vaccines. There has been a published paper saying that people who have the influenza dose are more likely to get covid too. It is a lose-lose situation. The covid vaccines slide into negative efficacies. A lot of the negative efficacy is due to people being vaccine complacent. They are vaccinated, they are immune. Not true. These fools are keeping the virus active within the community.

So to see states dropping mask mandates at airport will just make sure any viruses, coronavirus or whatever, to spread more, interstate especially. This is disappointing, as it also opens up the door to the monkeypox virus 3MPXXV.

Looks like they are all following orders/ All states are dropping mask mandates at airports. They must all be following orders from the Commonwealth Department of Health, Prof. Paul Kelly and Brendan Murphy, who are responsible for all the anguish by using astrazeneca vaccine and for the #letitrip philosophy. Brendan Murphy wanted to go for herd immunity in March 2020, and to use school children to spread the virus. He is doing it again now.

And before ditching the mask mandates we already have clear signs that influenza is on the rise and more virulent too perhaps (being new). Queensland, and now South Australia are reporting big influenza numbers.

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