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Deltacron has landed in Australia

The dreaded recombinant variant #deltacron which I warned has not disappeared has now arrived in Australia. It has the spike like Omicron but the other parts are like the Delta variant. If it is 10 times worse as Omicron, which delta was, then the death rate could be hundreds a day, even close to 1000 a day.

This is bad news. If only the world would stop travel for 3 months.

When Deltarcon was first detected, people said it was a lab error, but it was later confirmed. It has been around for 3 months and it should have been wiped out by the omicron variants but it was not, which suggest it is as infectious as omicron, but most of its genes are like delta variant.

Deltacron = BA.1 + AY4.2 crossover.

To make matters worse another recombinant variant that combines Omicron BA.2 and Delta seems to have recently surfaced in South Africa. I called this #Deltacron2.


Deltacron is in Queensland as well. This might be our next wave if it cannot be outed by omicron. FFS. Likely to be more dangerous too.


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