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Covid-19 doubling every 32 days atm in Australia

Considering that the original Wuhan strain was doubling every 3 to 4 days when it hit Europe and the USA it is amazing that Australia has it’s doubling time out to 32 days, or is it?

It turns out that is the shortest doubling time for any country bar Macao, which is in China no?

Some countries have a doubling time of over 500 days. I think Australia around that mark when we were zerocovid, before we decide living with the virus is a good idea. Western Australia had the world record of consecutive zerocovid days as well.

For comparison, the monkeypox virus is doubling every 11.5 days right now.

Now we will be faced with endless waves of variants. Omicron must have about 500 variants now and growing fast. With people infected with two variants at once, the dangerous recombinants are possible, which means anything is possible. I hate to bring bad news but that is the reality of what may happen.

Mutations generally weakens a virus but crossover of two variants can lead to almost anything. The coronavirus now has the RNA equivalent of sex in DNA.

What people do not realise is that a lot more people are going to die. 20,000 this year and for every year beyond. 21,000 Australians died in World War 2. And close to 1 million will be left so scared by organ damage etc that their lives will never be the same. 3to million will have long-covid and who knows what brain damage will follow covid.


And do not say it is the flu when so far in Australia 50 people have died from the flu this year, whereas 50 are dying every day from covid19, and 5000 will have longcovid EVERY DAY. Capice? And this was made in a lab. We have proof of that. It is a bioweapon that either accidentally got out or was intentionally released.


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