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Australia and New Zealand have gone from being the best in the world to the worst in the world.

I still cannot understand why Australia and New Zealand gave away #zerocovid to “live with the virus”.

Even in July 2021, the prospect of herd immunity by vaccination or whatever had been lost. The Delta variant was already too contagious to get herd immunity but Australia and New Zealand embarked on the idea of herd immunity by vaccination. It was one of most stupid things I have ever seen.

To try to get vaccination numbers up, they mandated the vaccine on health young workers, and are now going after the children.

The efficacy of Pfizer and Astrazeneca were about 60% and 30% respectively at the time (Israeli studies). Here is a graph that shows herd immunity is just not possible to the delta variant. At the time I calculated the R naught value of delta variant to be about 12.5, but anything over 3 was also impossible. Since then Australia and New Zealand have been overtaken by the Omicron variants which are at least 3 times more infectious. See diagram below.

The efficacy of the vaccines to Omicron go negative after a month or two and working with the limited numbers made available shows the vaccines are now helping the virus, in other words you are more likely to get covid and die if you are vaccinated.

It is also know that you are more like to end up in hospital from the process of being vaccinated than from covid. So why was this insanity perpetrated upon the people of Australia? I complained to the Australian Human Right Commission that mandating was in violation of human rights, to which they cannot disagree but they said it is not a Commonwealth issue but a state issue, not to mention that I am still a citizen of the Commonwealth. At the time the Australian Human Rights Commission was running advertisements on its own website to vaccinate children, who are hardly affected by covid. The Australian Human Rights Commissioner has recently resigned. This is how they remove themselves for scrutiny and retribution.

To make matters even worse, the governments of Australia then started penalizing/demonising the people who did not want to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that has since failed on all counts. It does not stop transmission, it has caused more harm than covid itself and the jury is not even in yet.

In late 2021 the unvaccinated were kept in lockdown while the vaccinated were given freedoms to attend restaurants and bars etc. The Commonwealth and State Health Departments would or should have known that vaccines did not stop transmission (the efficacy of Pfizer to Omicron was like 35%) and that the most likely cause of spread of covid19 is through aerosols. This was well established by the end on 2020. So much so, I even made a documentary film to tell people how it spreads. I personally told the CHO of WA, Dr Andrew Robertson, and the Premier, Mark McGowan, but later I realised that were just navy men following orders from Brendan Murphy and Prof Paul Kelly, the CMO of Australia.

The stupidity of allowing the vaccinated to enjoy freedoms for being vaccinated helped spread the virus so that in the first week of January 2022, data from NSW health confirmed that 98.6% of all new covid cases were fully vaccinated (2 jabs at the time). Only 0.5% of all new cases were unvaccinated. The situation was such a shit show that most states, especially Western Australia, still had “vaccine passports”. At one time you could not buy any liquor if you were unvaccinated, or any bullion from the Perth Mint, among lots of other things like unable to go to restaurants and pubs. It was all punishment to ‘force’ more people to get vaccinated, even though herd immunity was not possible and vaccines did not even stop transmission.

In early May, most states of Australia dropped the mask mandates because there was a federal election and no political party wanted to look like they were restricting people in any way. It was obvious that case numbers were on the rise as were deaths too. I wrote a blog at the time.

When Scott Morrison got the boot, everyone thought that the new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese might do something to halt the spread of the coronavirus but all he did was take a stacks of trips overseas, and even now he is doing nothing a the situation is continuing and getting out of control rapidly. They are now advising people that they can or should wear masks, but they should really mandate masks indoors. I do not know how they can live with 50-100 people a day dying from covid.

Today 90 Australians died from covid, there were 53,850 cases and there are 5357 people in hospital. To put this in perspective this is like the USA having 1138 deaths a day, and 680,000 cases a day, with 68,000 people in hospital.

I warned before Australia relinquished #zerocovid, that living with the virus is FOREVER. As we get through one wave of variants, another arrives. At the moment Australia is being savaged by the BA.5 variants, and being vaccinated allows the virus to mutate into new variants inside an enormous “virus pool” of vaccine complacent people. We already have generated variants like BA.5.1, BA.5.2, BA.5.2.1, BE.1 and BF.1. these are vaccine induced variants. In fact Omicron has some 400 variants and some recombinant variants as well as BA.2* was never really Omicron. It is vastly different structurally. And new variants will keep coming as well.

There is only one way to stop covid, and that is #zerocovid. These endless waves of variants are a result of vaccine complacency (and now virus complacency) and they will continue. Everyone hopes that the virus will eventually mutate itself to become so weak that it will be an endemic but because so many people are infected at any one time (currently right now there are 22.5 million known infected people), many are also infected with 2 variants at the same time and this generates recombinant variants. Recombinants variants are our biggest threat as they can do a quantum jump in genetic phase space. Sometime soon an extremely virulent form or the SARS-Cov2 virus could form. This threat remains real whilst so many people are complacent (vaccine or virus). A time will come when the world will need to look hard at #stoptravel and #zerocovid again. A good 3 month shutdown can wipe out this virus.

Virus doubters (#itsjusttheflu) may think it is okay that 90 people died today. Most were old, but this is not always the n case, and in any case why do they have to die? 90 people a day, is 630 people in a week. That is like 2 Boeing 747 Aeroplane Buses going down in the same week and everyone on board dying, and this repeats itself every week. Is this okay. Is this the new norm. This is like 32,000 people dying in a year. This is more than the number of people who died in World War II (which was 21,000 approximately). This photo is a scene after a plane crash. They collect all the bit and pieces and reassemble the plane to try to work out what went wrong. What are they doing for the weekly “covid” plane crashes? Nothing but pushing the useless vaccine because they bought 150 million doses at the start of the year. I wish the stupid sheep the best of luck with that Malaki.

NTSB Rejects TWA Flight 800 Missile Claim - FLYING Magazine

I am seeing a lot of key players, who really fucked up Australia’s covid response, are suddenly all wearing masks in public because they know it spreads as an aerosol and Australia’s medical system is about to collapse if they do not slow the spread of the virus. And while I am at it, we are lucky we have the Omicron variant which has a CFR of 0.1%. If we had the original Wuhan strain (CFR 3%), 30 time more people would be dying, that is 2700 people a day.

And btw a friend asked me how covid deaths compared to flu deaths. My response was (1 to 2 weeks ago): About 50 people has died from the flu in Australia so far this year while 50 people die from covid every day.

These are basically the 2 people, together with the lying dog Prof. John Skerritt (head of the TGA) who are running the shit show. They mandated the vaccines, they have recommended that Australia should let the virus rip in May 2022, and they are still pushing the jab even though #vaccineshavefailed. See articles below.


All the politicians and bureaucrats know Australia is in trouble but they are not mandating masks inside, where aerosols spread the virus, but are saying things like we encourage people to wear masks and recently at media press conference I have seen these morons wearing masks.

AMA chief says mask mandates becoming more likely amid 'pretty scary' Covid  hospital numbers | Health | The Guardian

Face masks will be mandatory in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to combat  coronavirus. What about regional Victoria? Do children need to wear them? -  ABC News


This current BA.5 wave has a good month to run before somethings else comes along. I did say some time ago that wearing masks will become a semi-permanent thing, and that living with the virus will now be for life.


added 21 July 2022

89 people died the next day after writing this.