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Western Australia SMASHES it’s world record of most cases per day per capita AGAIN.

Western Australia has lost the plot with another record breaking number of cases per day per capita., and the situation continues to get worse. If they do not bring masks mandates back immediately this will be a catastrophe. I have seen the vaccine complacency even in old people in their 80s, most completely mask-less or having a mask dangling on their chin. It is just unbelievable. Some of the biggest idiots in the world live in the part of the world, and thank the advice of the state government as if it is gospel. I was going to film people today but I think some might finally start masking up themselves and ignore the imbecile premier Mark McGowan who literally wanted the virus to spread but could not imagined this.

What is worse is Western Australia is having balmy Autumn with temperatures around 20-26 degrees Centigrade (70-80 degrees Fahrenheit). The wintery weather has not started yet and we have not have the common influenza virus here as yet, plus with 99% of the population fully vaccinated, their immune systems will not be able to handle the common cold. This is a disaster in the making.

The mask mandate was removed after a popular poll in a junky newspaper said 87% of the local population (of 99% idiots) wanted to take their masks off, and the premier obliged because there is a federal election coming up on 21 May 2022 and he does not want to look like he belongs to the Nazi party. This was done while case numbers were rising. This is now venturing into blatant criminality and negligence of the highest degree.

Yesterday Western Australia had 17,033 cases (released today). In fact the whole of Australia is in crisis as numbers are rising everywhere as all mask mandates were removed around the country for the federal election. Neither of the 2 main political parties are taking the covid19 pandemic seriously. WA’s case numbers are equivalent to the USA having 2.07 million cases a day, or India having 8.42 million cases a day. That is staggering but we have not peaked as yet, and hospital numbers will explode to the extent that doctors will be faced with the decision who to treat and who to turn away soon.

Western Australia is about one tenth the size of the whole of Australia, with a population of 2.67 million. NSW and Victoria have populations of 8.17 million and 6.68 million respectively, yet Australia has the most number of cases as a State. It is the fourth largest State in Australia.

With these sorts of numbers WA can expect some 2000 deaths and about 20,000 people suffering permanent damage from covid19.

What these the Premier Mark McGowan and CHO Dr Andrew Robertson are doing is criminal. They are well aware that most spreading of Covid occurs via aerosols. I cannot even count the number of times I have personally told them this and sent them my documentary video below made in August 2020. FFS.

covid19 cases released on 11 May 2022

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