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Western Australia hits new world record for number of covid cases per capita per day.

Today WA had 10,394 cases of covid19 reported. It population is 2.67 million people.

Covid19 cases in all Australian States. WA in the fourth largest state. Popn. 2.67 mill.
NSW 8.17 mill., Victoria 6.68 mill., Queensland 5.19 mill.
WA is close to 1/10 the population of Australia.

It is equivalent to 1.266 million cases a day in the USA.

It is equivalent to India having 5.139 million cases a day.

For the record the USA recorded 14,008 cases yesterday and India 2,893 cases.

Congratulations to McGowan and Robertson for now becoming the world’s epicentre of covid19, in such a short time. Only three months ago they decided to open up the border and throw away the world’s record of #zerocovid, some 650 day or so, to live with the man-made virus forever now.

Meanwhile West Australians are practically all mask-less and walking around like nothing is wrong. To someone who is aware of the virus and its potential they look like brainwashed zombies. At least ether are less people with the chin nappy I guess. I have estimated 2 to 3 in 100 might be wearing masks. I would love to film it but do not what any confrontation. I might try my video glasses. Wait until the deaths start rolling in. The only reason I can imagine why WA and Australia have let the virus rip is because of the federal election on 21 May 2022, and maybe they think infection with the BA.2 variants may provide immunity to BA.4 and BA.5 which are coming, but we know reinfection with the Omicron variants is high.

In any case I have estimated that we will have a permanent “virus pool” of about 150,000 (mainly vaccinated people) walking around spreading the virus and letting the virus mutate within each infected person, around the vaccine induced immunity barrier to generate new vaccine induced variants, which will become more infectious. With the delta variant, AY.4.2 was looking to be the winner when omicron came along.

Western Australia is about 3 times higher than the rest of Australia

Western Australia has stopped giving its positivity rate, probably because it is something like 30%.

percentage of positive covid cases on PCR tests

WA has the relatively more infectious variant BA2.10.1, which seems to be a home bred subvariant. Some pedantic people on Twitter are questioning whether BA.2.10.1 actually originated here. Who knows? It may have first been detected in the UK, and it can have formed in more than one place at the same time with so many people infected. It is a mutation that is favourable to the virus, so it can happen in more than one place simultaneously, just as 2 people can have the same idea independently at roughly the same time. The point is that 52% of all cases in the world have been detected in WA, and 68% of all cases in WA are infected with the omicron subvariant BA.2.10.1. If we did not actually make it, we bred it.

As far as I can tell BA.2.10.1 was first detected in India or Thailand. they don’t even know which was first or if at same time. Both list its detection as 1 December 2021.

Premier Mark McGowan has no idea what he is doing. He did not even want to close the border when it all started in March 2020. He is clueless.

Premier Mark McGowan talked all last week about how he did not want to bring in level two restrictions while Chief Health Officer Andrew Robertson was quiet on the subject of the caseload number which would trigger such rules.

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