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Many triple-vaccinated people are dying from Covid19 based on this data

This data was taken from the UK.Gov website noted below.

Vaccination status,Count of deaths,Age-standardised mortality rate / 100,000 person-years
Unvaccinated 1309 1103.7

First dose, less than 21 days ago 17 2449.1

First dose, at least 21 days ago 512 2884.9

Second dose, less than 21 days ago 29 1863

Second dose, between 21 days and 6 months ago 382 2130.5

Second dose, at least 6 months ago 5083 3795

Third dose or booster, less than 21 days ago 904 1569.1

Third dose or booster, at least 21 days ago 26109 794.6

The last number in each row is the one to watch. It seems that only a person who is triple vaxxed at least 21 days ago is less likely to die from Covid19 than an unvaccinated person.
data taken from (for month of January 2022) https://www.ons.gov.uk/…/deathsbyvaccinationstatusengland

The Premier of WA Mark McGowan and the CHO Dr Andrew Robertson got a copy too.

Mark McGowan HealthyWA Time to stop vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.The BS has been exposed.This does not include all the deaths and injuries suffered by the vaccinated and the loss of income/status to those who chose not to get the jab.

2 responses to “Many triple-vaccinated people are dying from Covid19 based on this data”

  1. The above makes vaccines look worse by normalising per 100,000 person-years, but this is the way the data is presented by the UK GOV. Per 100,000 people would have been a better measure to use.

  2. The per person-years is a stupid measure as we all know the elderly are the ones dying the most so their low score in deaths per 100,000 person-years looks better. How ridiculous to manipulate the data in this way. By the same token, the unvaccinated are assisted in that there are many children who are not vaccinated, although the years are lowish, they are many.

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