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South Korea to relax all mandates except for masks.

South Korea will lift all restrictions/mandates except for the wearing of masks starting on 25 April 2022.

This comes as a bit of a surprise after the huge surge they just had

And how do they think they will stop aerosols from spreading indoors in (where most if not all superspreading takes place) restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, gyms, and schools, etc.? It will all come back to haunt them again I think even though the case fatality rate has fallen to 0.1%. There are some many infected people around the world (100 million at any one time) we are likely to get a new recombinant variant that shifts the virulent landscape. Mutations generally weaken a virus, but not always. The same cannot be said about recombination and genetic crossover. They can quantum leap to something completely different. There is not getting around this nasty virus if people want to travel and spread the virus endlessly around the globe. #stoptravel

Time will tell. My dream of #zerocovid seems to have been lost forever now. It was a real option 3 times during the pandemic but stupidity prevailed. This is still in my eyes the pandemic we did not have to have.

Here is a nice article in the New York Times.


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