Dr George Christos

covid19 & other Infectious diseases

Petri Dish Cruise ships will now be allowed back into Australia.

It seems the world has given up on covid19 and are going to let it spread/rip. With 100 million people actively infected inside a constant “virus pool”, anything is still possible. Mutations are are of less concern than recombinants which are highly likely. We are far from out of the woods., Denmark’s CFR went from 0.1% (Omicron BA.1) to 0.5% (Omicron BA.2). The same is true in other countries. After the CFR dropped to about 0.1% in January it has been rising slowly up to 0.3 to 0.5%. Deltacron is still ‘alive’ as well and there will be others coming out of Africa where there are so many people with AIDS.


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