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Morrison did NOT save Australia from Covid. Quite the opposite is true.

Scott Morrison is a complete moron and liar. He is claiming he saved Australia from covid19 in the article in the Guardian, but the complete opposite is actually true. He has devastated the Australian economy by opening up the borders after forcing the hotel quarantine system to crumble. He then forced upon the public, experimental vaccines, and gagged all doctors and scientists, and bribed the media to play out the ‘vaccine solution for all’ narrative.


At the moment Australia is faring the worst in the world with covid19 cases and has been since late last year. Australia has been fortunate that omicron came along after it opened up. The delta variant to about 10 times more deadly than the omicron variant. This imbecile’s claims it was all planned and thought out is absolute rubbish. The man is a murder in my eyes. He knowingly forced old people to take astrazeneca the most ineffective and dangerous vaccine, when they are clearly the most vulnerable.

He has convinced the Premiers of Australian States (more morons) to give away #zerocovid to live with the virus, forever may I add. There is no living with the virus. Herd immunity is impossible and Australia will have a permanent “virus pool” of about 1.5 million people. That is about 5.8% of of Australians will be carrying the virus, and within them the virus will mutate and generate new variants.

Morrison has also lead the way to drop mask mandates, for the federal eleaction, and the ALP have been foolish enough to tag along, so no-one looks like the bad guy. All corrupt murderers in my eyes. Mask are firmly supported by science, but states to keep “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine passports”, which are definitely not supported by science.

The number of deaths in Australia is now steadily growing and case numbers are about to go through the roof without the mask mandate. This rise in cases numbers will in evidently result in more deaths and he is acting as if it is all over. What a moron. Now he is stroking his ego making out Australia got it so right, and did so much better than the rest of the world. He was going to go for herd immunity in early 2020. I recall Brendan Murphy (his guide in all of this bs) saying in early 2020, the children will spread the virus, to the old. The policy of the LIB party has always been let it rip. Even Tony Abbott (ex LIB party and PM) wanted old people in Victoria to sacrifice their lives for the economy in August 2020 when Victoria has that deadly outbreak. Lucky some of the premiers closed their borders, and the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews held his ground for zerocovid.

This pandemic has a long way to go. It is not over yet. If it was, why does he still have vaccine mandates. We are not stupid to not see that the orders are coming from the Commonwealth Health Department (Paul Kelly CMO, and Brendan Murphy) down through the State CHO’s.


And while most countries are debating whether they should sign the World Health Organisation’s new Pandemic Response Treaty, this moron already has. He even tried to pass (or maybe has passed) “The Trusted Digital Identity Bill”, which was largely written by the WEF (World Economic Forum). He has sold out Australia. And no-one did a thing, cause the place is full of sheep.

Don’t worry, I am supporting the ALP and ‘Albo’, who is also a moron. He has done absolutely nothing to stop the spread of covid19 or in opposing vaccine mandates on health young workers, which is a clear violation of human rights, and God save those who took the vaccine from the toxic spike protein. It gets into the brain for crying out loud. I fear for the health of many Australians, especially those who were mandated against their will.

The world is actually laughing at Australia right now, and these idiots are pretending they have it under control and have done the best in the world. Oh, did I mention that Australia might be undercounting covid19 deaths.


Fart-Checker says, Australia is the world leader is ignorance, spreading the virus, and injecting them selves with toxic ineffective spike proteins, which were made in a lab to make the bat virus contagious to humans and contain at least 16 genetic insertions, 4 of which are from the HIV virus.

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