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Is Argentinian Government hiding something? 22 ill now.

Times are strange. Anything is possible. They could just be incompetent like the rest of the world’s health systems. The number of cases is now 22.


The Argentinian Government has told us that sudden outbreak of pneumonia in Tucuman Argentina was a false alarm, that is was Legionnaire’s disease BUT

  1. Why is one patient not from same place? There are 12 patients now. One is from elsewhere. Legionnaire’s is usually linked to the same place and is spread through mist in the air-conditioning. One elsewhere is strange. #breakingnews They recently linked that person to the same hospital “Luz Medica”. “The man had recently undergone surgery at Luz Médica, a private clinic in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman, where prior cases were found. He later became ill and went to a public hospital with symptoms of bilateral pneumonia.”
  2. They have not identified the source (water tower) as the source in the medical centre.
  3. Police are guarding the medical centre. Actually they may have closed it as they have not found the source of the infection yet.
  4. The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is 50% so far. That is 6 deaths from 12 sick, and not all the sick are well yet, so even more might die. The case fatality rate is unusually high. It can be high but averages out to about 10%.

see also https://hcinfo.com/about/outbreaks/recent/

WTF? 22 infected now. Definitely have not found source then.


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