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Heart attacks and heart damage are more frequent with covid around.

Dr George Christos

So many young people have having heart issues with covid

Another possible covid case with heart affected. Covid ( and its treatments) is making a lot of young people get heart issues way too young. Shane Warne had covid twice and he had the vaccine booster just before we went to Thailand. I have another one that I have just added a newspaper article, and a tweet.



added 26 March 2014.

another one bites the dust also aged 52.

“darling, chop some wood for the barbie and get a lotto ticket”

No description available.

added 27 March 2022

And another bites the dust

No description available.

Wow, the media were quick to wipe that off the internet.

Even the URL has vanished. Something smell fishy to me.

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  1. Also most of these people have had a few doses of vaccine which also damages the heart. Shane Warne had a booster before going to Thailand. This is all a double whammy and just too much.

  2. i saw an interview (i kid you not) where it was suggested by the MSM that ‘young’ males were having more heart issues because of their raised anxiety because shane warne had a heart attack. no other reason. the anxiety. hmm. ?

  3. Add another one, but steroids also assist covid19 severity for some reason I have not looked into. Maybe it is something that athletes produce? Maybe they are first to be suffering because they push their hearts a bit more. Will other vaccinated people start to have heart attacks soon?


  4. Former Australia cricketer Andrew Symonds died in a car crash. He was alone in his car which veered off the road. We have to wait for an autopsy to see what happened? Did he have a heart attack like Shane Warne and Rod March? Will the media and government even tell us. Remains to be seen.


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