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Covid19 cases in Australia are on the rise with Omicron BA.2 and BA.1.1 taking prevalence

Here is some data. Key points. Victoria is dominated with BA.1.1 (67%), with BA.2 rising fast (21%). BA.1 only 11% now. NSW has 27% BA.2 and 9% BA.1.1. Western Australia has 33% BA.2 and 3% BA.1.1. Queensland is still largely dominated by BA.1. The prevalence is over the last 60 days, but you can see that BA.2 and BA.1.1 are increasing quickly atm. The new #Omicron variants are causing new waves in case numbers which will inevitably result in more deaths (2-6 weeks) after. From my previous posts there does not seem to be increased virulence with the new omicron subvariants but the situation around BA.2 is still a bit hazy. BA.2 has quite a different genetic structure to the other omicron variants. It was associated with apparent rises in death tolls in the Philippines, Hong Kong and South Africa but some of this may have been the result of not counting case numbers properly. See Comments.

At the moment there are 21 variants of Omicron. There are being generated in the highly vaccinated countries as pointed out by myself in July 2021 (see comments).

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    After falling to a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of close to 0.1% the CFR of the 3 countries with the highest prevalence of Omicron BA.2, South Africa, Hong Kong, and the Philippines sill have a high CFR. They may just be undercounting case numbers. We have to wait and see. Meanwhile in Australia BA.2 has 10% prevalence in the states of NSW and WA. See graph in link.

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