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Australia is not #postcovid or post-pandemic. It is still in an #activecovid phase in a rolling never-ending pandemic

I find it so annoying when the media is playing the new agenda card for the government that Australia is in the #postcovid period. Australia is #activecovid.

Over the last few weeks Australia has reported about 90,000 new cases a week. Allowing for people who have no symptoms, people who do not get tested, I would estimate that the true number may be 4 times what is reported. RAT tests are no longer handed out free, and it is difficult to get a PCR test, without a referral from a doctor.

So Australia is having about 350,000 cases a week, or that is about 50,000 cases a day. Covid is far from over.

50,000 cases a day in Australia is equivalent to 625,000 cases a day in the USA.

Talking a CFR of about 0.15% means we should/will be/are having 50-100 deaths a day again from covid. The Government is hiding deaths now because they don’t need to scare people into getting the vaccine anymore which not only has failed but the figures are suggesting the more vaccine you have the more likely you are to get covid, be hospitalized and die. This has been the case for a few months now. I will add a couple of my previous blogs about this below.

Currently excess deaths in Australia are about 2.5 times covid deaths. The government is pushing the false agenda that covid has passed now, so they are no longer checking people who die in a car accident to see if they are test positive to covid any more. They did this to bolster covid deaths to frighten people into getting the vaccine which has failed because of the way they mismanaged its implementation. They want people to get back to “normal”, but there is now new normal yet. One third of all new infections are from the new variants BA.2.75, BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB.1, and BF.7. Even though the #WHO has not given these new variants a Greek letter name they are different from Omicron (BA.1), and scientist have classified them as new and different variants, just like BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 were also not Omicron either. Get this. One third of all new infections are from variants that have not even been classified as yet. I found this article by the ABC who are also pushing the post covid agenda, with news story titles like:

Multiple factors at play for first post-pandemic election

In this article (link to image below) the ABC talks to so-called experts who gaze into their crystal balls to tell us how covid will end, even though we were just told in the facebook clip above that we are already post-covid. I want to rip these experts apart, as they do not know what they are talking about.

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One suggestion is that the pandemic will end when they develop a universal vaccine that works against all variants. That is rubbish because #herdimmunity is no longer possible with the R0 value of the virus so high now. You would need to inoculate almost the entire population simultaneously and the efficacy of the vaccine will need to be something like 98%. So forget about that idea. Most people have been turned into anti-vaxxers by their governments mandating a vaccine that did not work and I doubt they will get something like 98% coverage which is required now. Lots of people have also been turned into anti-vaxxers by the pharmaceutical companies colluding to conduct experiments within batches of vaccine vials. Here I refer to the strange nano-structures that have been found inside the vaccines.

The other thing against achieving herd immunity even by infection is that immunity to one variants does not give one immunity to other new variants. Reinfection is now very common.

Another expert says the virus is essentially only omicron now and it will mutate itself away. For a start it is not true that viruses mutate to a nothingness in time, and secondly we have lots of different variants. Omicron was BA.1.*, The variants BA.2.*, BA.4.* and BA.5.* are variants in their own right, as are BA.2.75.*, BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB.1, and BF.7 for example. About one third of all covid cases sequenced has not even been classified as yet, so they are probably more variants out there.

What is universal is that most of them have a lower CFR (case fatality rate) of about 0.15% than other variants pre late 2021. Delta had a CFR of about 3%, Alpha had a CFR of about 4-5%. The problem is that covid is not even seasonal at the moment. It is active all year round now. Also recombinant variants have already formed (such as XBB.1) and there is no reason why the virus cannot mutate or crossover out of the 0.15% CFR range.

We cannot conclude that it will stay relatively benign with respect to the previous variants pre late-2021. Professor Booy’s suggestion that the virus is running out of ways to mutate is ludicrous. We have had about 1000 variants of “omicron” since last year when omicron first appeared. I accept that “omicron” is less dangerous than previous variants in terms of death but there is still #longcovid, and #aftercovid to think about.

Any public health mitigation of the covid will involve measures that slow the rate of infection by the coronavirus, such as masking, social distancing, strict limitations of travel, home schooling, etc.. We are in a phase of covid permanency now. It is not going to vanish like a miracle. There is only one way to stop covid now and that is to aim for #zerocovid again but I cannot see the world going into a 3-4 month lockdown again. Most people who do not understand viral spread do not understand that one of the best ways to restrict or end the spread of the coronavirus is via lockdowns. These people think that lockdowns are a government’s tyrannical means to control the population. China showed the world that lockdowns are very effective in getting to zerocovid.

The politicians may have tried to use covid for central control of people, but covid is real. Unlike the Spanish 1918 Flu where the world experience essentially 2 big waves, we are already on our 7th or 8th wave now because people are able to travel from continent to continent much faster now. In 1918, the only means of intercontinental travel was via ships. I see no end to endless waves of covid now without restricting international travel.

For people who doubt what I am saying, I ask you to tell me why China has a zerocovid policy, it wants to keep in place for at least another 3 or 4 years. Note that China is having as many new covid cases as Australia is at the moment.

Zero-Covid policy: why is China still having severe lockdowns?