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The WHO is still playing monkeypox down. Why?

I am concerned that the World Health Organisation is not taking monkeypox more seriously. It says Monkeypox won’t turn into a pandemic, but in other hand it poses a moderate risk to the world. Meanwhile the UK has confirmed another 71 cases bringing its total to 172. The numbers to me are alarming. I have been calling for swifter action sooner. Does it want a pandemic? It would be in its best interests if it could gain power over the rest of the world.

I did a quick back of the envelope calculation in one of my recent blogs and if it keeps doubling in less than a week we will have 500,000 cases in 2 months.

If the World does not start urgent action to contain monkeypox (dedicated contact tracing, isolation, testing and travel controls), I predict we will have 500,000 cases by the end of July 2022. We also do not know exactly how this version of monkeypox spreads. It can spread by droplets. There have been mention of superspreading events. What if it can spread via aerosols like covid does, which was denied by the WHO for over 12 months. Most of the infectious diseases experts on the WHO are hand-washing experts. This is not the usual monkeypox virus in Nigeria where they have 3000 cases a year. We have already gone over 500 cases in one month.

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