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MPX cases are declining but what is this in Indonesia?

A few weeks ago I did a complete backflip on monkeypox and we may be okay because most, if not all, of the sores seem to be the genitalia/anus region, making it predominantly a semi-exclusive gay and bisexual man thing.

If the sores to this “Western monkeypox” WMPX were also on the hands we would have had a bigger issue with fomites. The airborne natural of spread is also unsupported now too. The initial exponential growth was due more to some hard partying over an extended period. Being a DNA virus monkeypox can survive outside of a human body for much longer than covid/SARS-CoV-2 can; on the order of months in food and water.

Theoretically it is possible for monkeypox to spread through a community through floods if an infected person say died in that flood and his virus is spreading in to water, over an extended period. That is a scary scenario. A friend of mine just told me that a family from Perth are in a village in Java where everyone has sores over their feet. See photo below. It could just be foot and mouth or anything else; maybe even a chemical spill. Here is an exclusive photo. I do not think it is wmpx, unless these people have a crazy foot fetish. I shouldn’t joke, it looks horrible.

No description available.
In Java Indonesia, most people in the village have this. Whatever it is, it does not look too friendly.

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