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Monkeypox. We need to act now. #STOPTRAVEL.

We learnt nothing from Covid and Wuhan. Zip. Zero. Niente. Nothing.

Monkeypox has spread to 12-13 countries and 4 continents already in one week. We need to #stoptravel immediately, and do extensive contact tracing right now. Not wait until this gets out of hand. We have to be proactive as soon as possible.

Why are people travelling anyhow? The Covid Pandemic is far from over, and covid vaccines have failed. Have we decided that all the old people can just die now? The fucken stupid tourists spread the coronavirus in 2020, and they will do same with monkeypox now. Can’t they just stay home and watch SBS?

Monkeypox has a CFR which is about 4 to 5 times higher in children. A child has already been admitted to Intensive care in the UK. If we continue we will be in a worldwide hard lockdown in a month or two. I hope people do not all go rushing home when that happens and spread the virus even more. Where you are, is where you will need to stay.

British child in intensive care with monkey pox. Are we going to let children die too now.


I have seen reports that they are screening people at airports for fever. How ridiculous. The monkeypox virus has an incubation period of 6-16 days. How the fuck is screening for fever at airports going to stop it? Common sense tells you that as it has already spread to over 12 to 13 countries, and 4 continents in a week, screening will not work. Clearly these people who have spread it so far have not had any symptoms, and this is when we are conscious about fevers and sickness because we are living with covid.


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  1. Since I wrote this, this apparently not so infectious virus has spread to germany, austria, israel, and argentina. maybe i added to to my other blog on monkeypox. click on my name and do a search.

  2. i can only hope they are doing extensive contact tracing because it will soon reach a point where they have no idea where or how it spread with an longish incubation period of 6 to 16 days.

  3. The UNITED STATES confirmed nine additional cases in seven states on May 26. The total number of infections is up at 11 since the first infection was discovered on May 18.

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