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Monkeypox exploding

This is slipping away fast. Now over 550 confirmed cases, plus 100 unconfirmed/suspected.

Most of the infectious diseases experts on the WHO are hand-washing experts. This is not the usual monkeypox virus in Nigeria where they have 3000 cases a year. We have already gone over 500 cases in less than one month.

On target for 500,000 cases by end of July 2022. Same old story.

Monkeypox is more than doubling every 6 days. I think I used x 2.55 every week in my calculations to arrive at 500,000 cases by the end of July 2022.

One response to “Monkeypox exploding”

    i feel a deja vu from feb 2020 when covid started.
    i changed the name of my group nearly 2 weeks ago.
    WHO and MSM were playing it down. gay men indeed.
    they have gone from low alert to moderate now.
    the latest figures are 606 confirmed cases.
    776 unconfirmed.
    in 37 countries.
    new in malaysia, iran, brazil, peru,….

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