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First confirmed monkeypox case in Western Australia

Monkeypox will be everywhere soon. There will be about 20 million cases of monkeypox in the world and it will be doubling every 15 days or so.

Australia currently have about 45 cases, which will become 45,000 by Christmas. A new pandemic await us all.

Today the most secluded place in the world confirmed its first case of monkeypox. They had already had a traveller who was in Perth but tested positive to monkeypox in the UK on his return. He was infectious for part of his stay in WA. This time it was detected in a traveller returning to the state from overseas. #STOPTRAVEL Soon we will need to decide if we will quarantine people on their return from overseas or life with another menace. Meanwhile Polio is still brewing.


I’ll add more to this post later.

“The Communicable Disease Control Directorate’s director, Paul Armstrong, said returned travellers, particularly from areas with high numbers of monkeypox cases, should remain vigilant.” (sic). Do not drop your pants for just anyone. lol. And keep away from those poxy women.


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