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covid19 & Monkeypox (MPX)

You are more likely to get re-infected with omicron if you have had covid and/or are vaccinated and reinfection effects are cumulative.

The first part of video is good info about omicron symptoms. I do not agree with get booster, that she throws in in the middle, because as I wrote yesterday the vaccine is more likely to land you in hospital than covid. Interestingly Omicron replicates inside the human body 70 times faster than previous variants.

We will have a BA.4 and BA.5 waves soon with some new nasty subvariants like BA.5.1.

She does say you are 3 to 4 times more likely to get REINFECTED with omicron if you have had covid. That is interesting. The shortest reinfection time was 20 dayts but I believe it is down to 8 days now. How can this be? surely an infection offers some immunity, but it seems to wane very quickly. I do believe that people who get covid are at higher risk to get covid again because of their behaviour. They are more likely to be complacent because they were vaccinated or previously infected and may not even care if they get covid, or even know or believe that reinfection is possible with new variants.

I wonder if vaccinated also more likely to get omicron. Remember my calculations and the preprint about negative efficacy of vaccines after 3 months. Some of this is due to behaviour. Vaccinated people are more complacent and so more likely to get infected, but for some who are vaccinated and their immunity has turned off and gone negative after 3 months as well.

Vaccine complacency is why vaccines are now essentially useless and #vaccineshavefailed.


Basically the chances of re-infection go up the more times you have been infected or vaccinated and the infections are cumulative. Read more here.

Here is some more reading on reinfections.


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