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WA has deliberately removed the mask mandate because they think herd immunity is possible.

This article says it all. They expect daily case numbers to hit 25,000 per day. That will be like the USA having 3 million cases a day and India 12.5 million cases a day. They must think they will get herd immunity but as I have explained before that is impossible, and I expect they will be forced to reintroduce mask mandates, and I have not ruled out a possible old-fashioned lockdown. Many people will also get organ damage in the future, in addition to the 20 odd or more deaths every day in Western Australia. They do not care. Removing the mask mandate is a popularity thing and just an federal election gimmick.

WA already holds the world record for the most number of cases per day per capita.

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Masks were the only mandate supported by science and the idiots removed it while maintaining vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

We will also see a lot more deaths as the vaccines, which have dropped in efficacy to an overall 30%, also wane so quickly, going to a negative efficacy after 3 months. Soon almost everyone will be essentially unvaccinated.


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