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Victoria to end isolation rules for Covid

I wonder how long this will last? I think their hospitals will be overwhelmed. Plus covid19 is not the flu. It is killing 20 Victorians a day right now. That is 7000 people a year. We may as well relax speeding rules, seatbelts, and drinking driving too. Only a few hundred more will die on the road. That is how I see this nonsense.


This is stupid because they are doing this at the start of winter too, and flu is an issue as well. After not having the flu for 2 years, in 2020 and 2021, as well. Look at flu cases this year. Plus I believe many people who were vaccinated with covid vaccine will have their immune systems disrupted to handle the flu, and I have already written about how the flu shot increases your risk to get covid. This is going to be one hell of a disaster. We all thought getting rid on Morrison was going to save us, but I knew Albo did not care less either. The only thing I recall him doing during the pandemic is going to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney. This was during the time people were not allowed to protest about the draconian vaccine mandates rules. Politicians do not care about people, and lives. They care about themselves and their mates.

Australia's influenza cases soar after two quiet years - ABC News

We were all told do not look at the case numbers but the deaths is what we should look at, so here it is for Victoria. With another scientifically based restriction to go (masks was the other one) we will have more cases and cases always translate into deaths. Plus the spike protein on the vaccine has prion like domains and will damage organs like the kidneys, liver and the brain. Victoria could have 500,000 to 1 million people with organ damage or longcovid.

In any case I doubt this lunacy will remain in place for long as hospitals will become overwhelmed and deaths per day will sore. I have completely lost faith in politicians. Are they seriously okay with 50 to 100 Australians dying every day, and about 3 times as many taking on a new disability from covid damage to their organs?

Deaths are clearly increasing and with another let it rip policy they will get worse.

I know that a lot of my anti-covid-vax friends may welcome this but I say to them be weary of the coronavirus. Sars-CoV2 was made in a lab and its spike protein in not the same as the one used in vaccines. This is why Moderna did not get to cash in on its patent rights for the spike protein used in the lab version of SARS-CoV2. It was too dangerous to use in vaccines, not that their simulated spike protein has proved to be very safe.

I forgot to add, all Australian states will end FREE PCR tests soon. This is what they did in the UK a couple of weeks ago, and guess what? Their covid case numbers dropped, but their deaths have not. That is why their case fatality rate looks to be going up.

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