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Vaccine passports are not dead yet.

In late/mid 2021 I warned that we were facing a new danger if vaccine passports were introduced. It was a way to digitize people and once we are digitalized we can be made socially accountable by some crazy algorithm, or a designers/leaders choice. Here is a video I posted on my youtube channel, alerting to the dangers of vaccine passports.

When Omicron came along, and after governments botched up their vaccine rollout by introducing vaccism (punishing the unvaccinated) and rewards for the vaccinated, which inadvertently (for them) allowed the virus to spread even more, they had to abandon the idea, but the idea has always been on their agenda with “The Great Reset”. We saw how deranged and unhinged our premiers and chief ministers became with the idea of using this control. Here are the Premier of WA, Mr Mark McGowan and the Chief Minister of the NT, Mr Michael Gunner, in case you forget. The Case Fatality rate of Omicron dropped to 0.15% compared to 3% for the delta variant. This is another reason why vaccine passports were dropped, for now anyhow.


vaccine mandates and vaccism were not justified by science. 3 pronouns prosecute/mcgowan/gunner

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They still want to introduce a digital social credit system to control people with ease. Imagine banning people for buy more than a said amount of petrol for “climate change”. Imagine punishing people for speaking out against government.

I dubbed this covid21 at the time. The threat somewhat subsided by remains. Australia recently passed “The Trusted Digital Identity Bill”, which was mostly written for us by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Recently at the G20 meeting in Indonesia, there was a renewed enthusiasm to re-introduce “vaccine passports” at the world health assembly in Geneve next year in May. While the details are scant at this stage, the statement says this will be done under the framework of the International Health Regulations to “facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations.”

I have previously pointed out the World Health Organization (WHO) would like to digitise us as well with their Pandemic Response Treaty, to which Australia has already signed up for, with amendments in the pipeline.


This is on an Australian Government website:


Here is more from the Parliament of Australia:


Fact-Checkers are trying to minimise the notion of what is going on by suggesting that extremists are suggesting that the WHO will control lockdown.


I would suggest that someone fact-check fact-checkers a bit as this will be legally binding.


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