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Twitter does not have to respect Australian law. Nor does Facebook. ??

How do I know? I took twitter to court to get access to my tweets after they suspended me and would not tell me how long I was suspended for. Magistrate Mark Millington of the Midland Magistrates Court ruled that “Twitter Australia” is not Twitter. If I have a problem with Philips Electrical, I sue Philips Australia, which I have done before. I do not have to go to Amsterdam to sue Philips. I am sure the same applies to Dyson, the vacuum cleaning company. I would sue Dyson Australia. But when it comes to Twitter I cannot do that. Twitter Australia is not Twitter. If they are not twitter then who the fuck are they? Seriously. Twitter can operate in Australia and not have to respect Australian Law. Twitter would not give me access to thousands of tweets (my intellectual property) I made between March 2020 and May 2021.

The judge had a beef against me from another case. He hated the fact that I was playing lawyer and that I said I had acted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Western Australia on my own-some. The guy had a Judge Judy complex. He even awarded damages to pay for Twitter Australia’s legal costs (over $6000) for a non-event no start trial. I never paid because he had no jurisdiction to award legal costs in a general procedures civil case.

The judge could also not understand when I said I wanted my research on twitter. “Why don’t you have a copy of your research?”, he said. It was done on the fly and saved on twitter and it was a brain-storming. Did he expect me to have saved a copy of every tweet I had done, every comment and every retweet. Did he want me to have entered it into a laboratory notebook with tables of numbers, or to have printed a hard copy of my tweets and put into a large folder like lawyers do? Did he not understand theoretical research and the exchange of ideas as being research. I was involved with a group of people who realised that the Covid19 virus SARS-CoV2 was airborne and was mainly spread via aerosols, and that indoors were where most transmission took place, and that masks, and lockdowns, were important to slow down the spread of covid. I was also involved with monitoring variants early. All I wanted was a copy of my interaction with others. I did not ask Twitter to reinstate my account. Twitter is over-rated, stressful and full of bots. False information travels 6 times faster than truth on Twitter.

When I was first suspended on #Twitter it was just suspended, but when I persistently expressed that the word suspended implies a temporary period of inactivity, they came up with “Suspended Permanently”, like for Donald Trump.

I was a bit over Twitter, after they suspended me for a petty comment, that no-one even saw. I will reveal that tweet in another blog if people are interested. The real reason Twitter suspended me was that I was kicking up a fuss about the Astrazeneca vaccine, only being offered to the elderly, when it’s efficacy to the virus was so much less than the Pfizer vaccine. Astrazeneca was also ridiculous to use to #zerocovid Australia. It’s efficacy to the Beta variant was only 13% and alos low for the Gamma variant. I had also previously kicked up a fuss about health care workers not being given proper PPE (personal protective equipment). A lot of health care workers died in Victoria’s second wave because of inappropriate PPE and the denial by the Australian authorities and hand-washing experts (like Prof. Peter Collignan) that #CovidisAirborne. I also attacked people like Prof. Paul Kelly (CMO Australia), Prof. John Skerritt (head of TGA) who were lying about vaccines, their safety and their effectiveness. I was also pointing out that the vaccines were experimental and that we should hang onto zerocovid for a bit longer to see if there were any long-term side effects from the vaccines. It all seemed a bit rushed and the PM at the time Scott Morrison was allowing around 40,000 Australians (mostly mates and mates of mates) to travel in and out of Australia every month, even though the borders were ‘officially’ closed. He was hell-bent of breaking the fragile hotel quarantine system. The plan was clear as daylight. Scott Morrison, Paul Kelly, Brendan Murphy and Greg Hunt wanted Australians to live with the virus. #Zerocovid was not an option they wanted to even consider. Even in early 2020, Brendan Murphy, who was CMO, commented how they could use school children to spread the virus through the community, and go for herd immunity, killing all the old and vulnerable people. They are actually doing that right now. Then when they were vaccinating people, they were using Astrazeneca(AZ) which was essentially useless and was linked to blood-clots. Even after some people had died after immunisation with AZ, they did nothing until the rest of Europe started to stop using AZ. Most of the AZ was used in Victoria, and one can see that most deaths per capita was the highest in Victoria. I just wanted them to wait a bit longer is all, by Mr Morrison allowed so much travel, some without quarantine (e.g. outbreak in northern beaches in Sydney), as Australia could have built quarantine centres as was originally planned and stayed #zerocovid for longer. At the same time, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) was threatening doctors and scientists not to talk about vaccines, but they had not hold over me, as I was self-employed. So they went to Twitter Australia to get them to suspend me permanently for anything trivial. We will see what a mess covid makes in the next few years. I have predicted tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of disabled people, either from covid or from vaccines.

After being suspended on twitter I moved my analysis of covid19 onto Facebook (FB). I established the public group called “Everything you need to know about Covid19“. Within a month, I had more than one thousand members and then Facebook started to monitor and attack me if I strayed off the narrative that vaccines were the only solution for everyone. I stood for and stand for #nomandates, #vaccineshavefailed, #leavethechildrenalone, and herd immunity was no longer possible after the delta variant. To silence me, FB lowered my feeds by 95 days, and sent me to FB jail. I had noticed that I was blocked by the Commonwealth Health Department and the TGA before FB started punishing me.

If “Facebook Australia” was Facebook, I would sue them too, but it seems Internet companies are above the law. They can do business here, but I have to sue them in California. That is just plain wrong.

Both Twitter and Facebook have tried to silence me as a scientist, who questions everything. For example, I got attacked for noting that that the protein spike can enter the brain/neurons and that it has prion-like domains, which can turn your brain into mash. My assertion was supported by published journal papers, and was a fair concern to put to the public, but when Facebook could not hold me down with fact-checker (I think I had 11 or 12 apologies but I was still sent to FB jail for some time, with no compensation for their wrong), they moved to silence me by referring to their made up “community standards”.

Here are some images about Twitter and Australia for you to ponder about. Is Twitter Australia not Twitter? Twitter should sue them for using their bird logo. Tweet, Tweet.

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  1. I was going to expose twitter as having suspended me on request from the australian government and commonwealth heath department. their reason was so absurd. no-one had even seen my tweet.

    now, we learn that government around the world had portals into twitter and facebook, which allowed them to silence critics, scientists, and doctors.

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