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This guy’s daughter dies from astrazeneca and he is still pro-vax. FFS.

This really yanks my chain. This guy’s daughter DIED from the astrazeneca covid vaccine but he remains pro-vaccination and wants a Royal Commission into the vaccine rollout. The Royal Commission will concluded that the media was bought and fools like him who followed the government orders are the reason his daughter is dead. It is idiots like him and the media who are responsible as much as the government, plus most doctors and scientists who said nothing, and lawyers who did nothing when people’s most basic of human rights were being violated. Doctors earned money while so many people were slaughtered. Lawyers are now starting class actions to make money from other people’s misery, like they so often do. I spoke up late 2020 and have not stopped my opposition to astrazeneca. I then went for pfizer and moderna and the others for using the spike protein in their vaccines, as soon as I learnt that the spike protein can get into the brain. I was suspended permanently from Twitter, like Donald Trump, and I have been in Facebook jail many times too often. These social media giants should be ashamed of themselves. They ticked me off any time I said something negative about the vaccines even when it had become clear that vaccines had failed. They continue to support the agenda to mandate the experimental dysfunctional vaccines onto healthy workers and the new agenda to start to vaccinate children.

Read more at this link. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-01/arts-fellowship-after-covid-19-vaccine-death/101199786

Then I run into this nonsense from the media who try to venture into what use to be called journalism.

Read the rest of this article here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jul/01/herd-immunity-covid-virus-vaccine

I pointed out in June or July 2021 when the Delta variant came here that herd immunity was now no longer possible. The reasoning is very simple. Once a virus become too contagious you cannot vaccinate against it. You need a vaccine with super high efficacy and almost complete coverage, i.e. every idiot has to get the vaccine. Even if every idiot gets the vaccine, herd immunity is not possible as you only need a slight leakage to muck things up. This graph I drew in 2021 summarizes things quite well.

What has happened since? Well Omicron came along that is at least 3 times more infectious, and them Omicron started to generate new variants that are even more infectious.

Things got much worse when the government tried to encourage people to get vaccinated by offering them rewards, like you can dine out or do to a bar if you are vaccinated. This medical apartheid, or “vaccism” as I like to call it, let the uncontrollable virus to spread even more, because it gave people a false sense of security and they became vaccine complacent. Even after it was painfully clear that vaccines did NOT stop the spread of the virus, people who had been vaccinated refused to acknowledge this fact and things got messier again.

The vaccinated fools continue to get vaccinated, with booster after booster. I have pointed out that theoretically they will need to get vaccinated ever 2 to 3 months to stay slightly ahead and there are dangers in getting the covid vaccine.

I pointed out that most of the infected are vaccinated, making covid the disease of the vaccinated. Recently 2 new studies have shown that a covid vaccine is more likely to land you in hospital than covid, and another study showing that vaccines have failed completely.


Most western societies have basically given up now and are allowing the coronavirus to spread like it is the flu. In Australia about 50 people a day are dying from covid19. This is like am aeroplane full of passengers just crashed every week and everyone on board died.


As if all of these disasters is not enough, we are now heading towards complete disaster. With every person who dies, we will have 100 time more afflicted with #longcovid, or organ damage, and the true effects of brain damage have not surfaced yet. Parkinson’s disease followed 4 to 8 years after the 1918 H1N1 flu. Many of these people will be so debilitated that their lives will never be the same again. In Australia alone this could amount to close to one million people. And about 3 to 5 times this could have some form of longcovid too.

Matters are escalating even faster. Because of vaccine complacency and the #letitrip policy now, we are having many people infected with 2 variants at the same time. This leads to crossover or recombinant variants which are a quantum leap in genetic modification. We have so many recombinant variants now that the letters XA, XB, XC, XD, XE, …. XY, XZ, are not enough. They have moved onto XAA, XAB, etc. And each of these new recombinants can generate new variants by mutation, so we have move beyond using the letters BA.1, BA.2, BA,5, etc to BC, BD, BG,… etc..

People generally say a virus gets less virulent as it mutates. NOT ALWAYS! And the danger of generating a very virulent variants increases substantially with crossover/recombination.


This is truly out of control and none of the vaccines are effective and if they were they would only help induce other variants, what I called vaccine induced variants long ago.

On top of this we have monkeypox spreading exponentially, new variants of HIV, ebola, etc, because the covid vaccine has damaged the natural immune systems of people. This is going to be the biggest human disaster of all time.


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