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The vaccine is killing more people from covid than saving them now. From NSW report.

I am wondering where people’s brains have gone after it has become so clear that the vaccines are now increasing the deaths of people by covid19.

At the bottom is a previous post I made that made it very clear the vaccines are now killing people by covid19 instead of protecting them. Most vaccinated people I know dismissed this without comment. It is almost as if the vaccinated have some sort of brain damage or are in denial that they were fooled in taking the experimental vaccine that is now clearly not working.

This is a recent pdf from the commonwealth department of health website that says that 69.2% of people in NSW have had a third dose of vaccine. Note that there are a lot of sheep who do whatever the government says in WA. 83% have had the third dose of experimental covid vaccine. Btw, I am from WA, unvaxxed to covid but vaxxed for everything else.

Here is the weekly summary from NSW Respiratory Surveillance Report – week ending 30 July 2022.

For starters this is repeated week after week. How did 13 people with no dose die from covid19 if only 2 finished up in hospital? I find this very puzzling, and suspect the data is being deliberately manipulated to keep flogging the vaccine. People, especially old people, are being ill-informed and do not deserve to die. They trust the government, and do not know better. Senior health officials and doctors have this data so they should be speaking up, and where is the media?

Let me quote from the same report. Right underneath the above table its says:

“Of the 164 people who were reported to have died with COVID-19, only 127 (77%) had received a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while another 37 were eligible for but had not received a third dose.1

Conclusion. A higher percentage of people died from covid WITH the third dose of vaccine (77%) than received the third dose (69.2%). This is clearly worrisome. It means the vaccine is aiding their deaths. This is negative efficacy, or ADE.

The footnote to the statement from the NSW report says:

1 The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) recommends that everyone aged 16 years and over has three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, with an additional winter dose recommended for other people at increased risk of severe illness.”

Wtf, if more people had had the third dose, more would have died.

I reached the same conclusion with this blog. How stupid are people? VERY!!

Note that the graphs are per capita.

I have no idea why people are not doing something about the fact that the more vaccine you have the more likely you are to die from covid. This does not even take into account the deaths and damage that people are experiencing from having the jab in the first place. thousands of people have died shortly after immunisation, and have been reported to the TGA by doctors (who have mostly been frightened from doing so) but the TGA is ruling them out as not being caused by the vaccine. I would like to know by what reasoning are they over-ruling the doctor’s reports, in almost all cases. They have admitted to ~11 deaths, out of thousands reported, and let’s not look too hard at the rapid rise in “excess mortality since the vaccination rollout began.


Just one look at these graphs should be telling people something is seriously wrong. The omicron variants are supposedly milder (BA.4 and BA.5 were meant to be even milder than BA.1 and BA.2) and we are not having 100,000 cases a day like at the start of the year. In fact, today (9 August 2022) we had 27,263 cases and 133 deaths. 133 deaths a day is 50,000 deaths a year. It is like 100 jumbo jets crashed and everyone on board died. These are mainly old people, who built this country.

9 August 2022

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