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The Spike protein is the bioweapon

Dr George Christos

Considerable evidence has emerged that the spike protein is the actual bioweapon. It was added to the bat SARS virus to allow it to enter human cells in the Wuhan lab.. For what purpose? Obviously to infect humans.

We know the novel coronavirus was made in the Wuhan laboratory because the S-protein spike has at least 4 insertions of the HIV virus, amongst other insertions.

What is even worse is that it has come to light that Moderna had a patent on most of the genetic sequencing of the spike protein dating back to 2016.

To make matters worse, ALL the vaccines have the spike protein in them. So if you don’t get the bioweapon from the virus (with other nasties) you will get it from the vaccines.

The spike protein can enter any human cell. Okay, it is not a virus, but once it enters a cell it will eventually destroy that cell. If the cell destroys the spike protein after it enters a cell and its remnants are displayed on the surface of that cell and a killer T-cell comes along and destroys that whole cell. Looks like a bad cell. This is why the vaccines are damaging the heart and other organs. The spike protein from the vaccine can even enter the nucleus of the cell where the DNA is stored and reverse-transcribe the RNA code onto your DNA. I do not know what the implications of this are at this time.

Here are some interesting links to look at to convince yourself that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon as are all the vaccines as well.

Watch this from the time I have started it at.

Here are some others to watch.

Take a look at the video inside this link on FB where Dr Fleming makes his assertions that the spike protein is a bioweapon, under ‘oath’.


Furthermore Moderna has held the patent on most the of the genetic sequence to the Spike protein since 2016. Here is a good link for that.

God help all the idiots who ran out to get the get the vaccine, and the poor people who were mandated against their will to take the vaccine, not once, not twice, but 3 times.

I am of the understanding that pine-needle tea, nicotine patches, and maybe even Ivermectin may help to neutralize the spike protein and/or block ACE2 receptors. I have personally advocated that dandelion leaves are also good for blocking ACE2 receptors.

patent rights on parts of the spike protein dating back to 2007. Say what?

Finally, here is a link to the Washington Post on 27 April 2020, telling us the coronavirus is not a bioweapon. That is was not made in a lab. The media were hell bent on pushing the ridiculous wet market theory even though bats were not sold there and certainly not the horseshow bat which lives in caves 1000 kms away in the south of China. Most people were pushing this false narrative, including Dr Anthony Fauci, but we now know that the United States of America were largely responsible for making SARS-CoV-2 at the Wuhan Virology Laboratory.

More recently Putin, the president of Russia claims that there were about 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine. When I posted a video link to a news broadcast raising this question on facebook, Fact-checkers came back to say there were not 30 biolabs in the Ukraine. Maybe there were 29. Watch this and decide for yourself. Facebook took the post on FB down, but cannot stop a link to a youtube version of the same video. They added a label saying that some of the information may be misleading.

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