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The more vaccine you have the more likely you are to end up in hospital with covid, and die? #vaccineshavefailed stop using them.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.”

I did an FOI request with the WA Health Department to get data like I am about to present. They told me I did not have to do an FOI; that they will just give it to me. Some 6 weeks on, I received nothing, even after a few reminders. So it was just a bs delay tactic in my view now.

Anyhow the data is now available for NSW and Meryl Dorey has done all the analysis too. I will give the reference below.

We all knew that the vaccinated are more likely to get covid, mainly because of their complacency and the bs fed to them by politicians and the media. I did a calculation in early January 2022 which showed that 98.6% of all covid19 cases in NSW were fully vaccinated. Of course if 98.6% of all new cases are fully vaccinated, it also means that 98.6% of all covid positives in the community are also fully vaccinated. So not only were the fully vaccinated, who were given special privileges, spreading the virus but they also formed a large “virus pool” in which the virus could mutate around the vaccine resistance generating what I termed “vaccine induced variants”. This was supported by looking at the most highly vaccinated countries at the time (mid- 2021), for example, Israel, USA and the UK. I wrote about them extensively in my facebook group Everything you need to know about Covid19 & MonkeyPox (MPXV was added later) and on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw3Rn4sp0VWQpUCBmZt32AA

Later Wilson Sy published a paper showing the vaccine was not a vaccine at all. I wrote about that here.


Recently I used some data given out by NSW Health to work out that the efficacies of the vaccine to prevent hospitalization and death were now NEGATIVE, which means the vaccine is more likely to result in your death from covid19 so we should cease vaccinating immediately. Here is the post where I did the calculations from the limited data available. Let us not forget that NSW Health would be fiddling their data to try to make the vaccine look good too. It was a fail.


Now let me summarise some of the data collected and analysed by Meryl Dorey.
Consider this table/graph showing the vaccination status per capita of the deaths from covid (Table 1). You can clearly see that if you have a booster (red and green) you are increasingly more likely to die from covid. More so than an unvaccinated person. These are per capita, so take into account the number of vaccinated are a higher proportion of the population. There is an anomaly with the unvaccinated data, I will come back to later. Something is clearly not right when I look at the hospitalization data, as we shall see.

Anyhow based on these results in Table 1, all boosters need to be stopped immediately. None of this takes into account any deaths and physical harm caused to an individual from vaccination itself. If you have had one or 2 doses of vaccine you are better off than the people who have continued to get boosters. This data is per capita.

This is what I mean by negative efficacies and confirms what I discovered earlier. The vaccine is now helping the virus and not the individual. See blog above.

It is clear that per capita the boosters are killing people, if they survive the vaccination.

If you get any boosters your chances of dying from covid go up. This is negative efficacy or ADE. The vaccines could be weakening the immune system of the vaccinated or we have Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE).

Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to suboptimal antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, followed by its replication. The suboptimal antibodies can result from natural infection or from vaccination.

Table1. These are the deaths per capita in NSW in the weeks noted

Let’s look at hospitalization numbers now (Table 2). These are also per capita. Clearly you are much more likely to end up in hospital if you have had any vaccine. Once again this does not take into account the harm so many have suffered from vaccination itself. I know that well over a few thousand reports have been made by doctors to the TGA of deaths after vaccination. Let us also not forget that doctors are heavily discouraged from making any reports, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. The TGA has ruled most of these out, saying that these people had other complications or issues or where just too old or whatever, but I ask, on what basis is the TGA over-ruling the opinion of these brave doctors? They don’t overrule deaths from covid on the same basis. Dying “with covid” is counted but dying “with or from the vaccine” are apparently not. And how on Earth do they rule out children dying of the vaccine jab?

I have personally found that many children have died after vaccination and the media are helping the Commonwealth Health Department to hide this atrocity and continue to push the vaccine agenda. They have sold their souls to the devil for money, bloody money at that. The social media (facebook and twitter) is no better, as they ban people like myself for no good reason. I am a scientist and all I have is my reputation so I try to be as truthful as possible in everything I say. Most of the time I do not even know why I am in FB jail.

Table 2. hospitalizations relative to vaccination status. data is per capita.

Per capita means we have taken into account that most people are vaccinated.

There is something inconsistent in the data above for deaths and hospitalization per capita, and I have noticed this before. Why are so many of the unvaccinated dying without being hospitalized? This is weird. Are they dying in nursing homes? That does not compute as you would expect most people in nursing homes would be vaccinated, and if not, why not? A friend jokingly said they are running around checking any corpses (from traffic accidents etc) to see if they died with covid. Maybe they are counting people who are with 2 weeks of their last vaccine shot as being unvaccinated. Don’t laugh, as they were doing this at one time, at the start of 2022. There are numerous youtube videos highlighting this deceptive practice so as to make vaccination look like a good option whereas it is not.

This is what the graph (Table 3) would look like if we did not do it per capita. This is the raw data. As you can see, almost everyone in hospital in vaccinated. It truly is the “disease of the vaccinated”, another term I coined in late 2021.

Table 3. hospitalizations due to covid. raw data.

The same picture emerges with people in ICU.

Let me take a quick look at the raw data (not per capita) for deaths (Table 4). You can clearly see that those with a third jab are the main ones dying. I know that they use some funny definitions of vaccination status; for example if a person has had their fourth jab that will not count until at least 2 weeks after, so we will see rising numbers of deaths for those with 4 or more jabs soon, if they survive the jab itself.

Besides counting the vaccinated who are within 2 weeks of their last jab as unvaccinated, the government authorities have another deception card they play. They often include a category called “unknown’ vaccination status, and this number is sizable, as you can see from my blog above Vaccines are working for the Virus now. Negative efficacies. It is also apparent from a recent article showing that the Premier of WA Marl McGowan who is adding this total of unknown vaccination status to the unvaccinated. I will give the reference below but firstly let me ridicule the notion of even having such a large group of vaccination status “unknown”. As if they would not know if a person had been vaccinated of not, especially such a large number.

Here is the article about McGowan lying. He is adding them to the unvaccinated.


Table 4

Finally, here is the data for deaths per capita for each age group. You can clearly see that age matters greatly. Most people dying are over 90 or at least over 80, yet they want to vaccinate young healthy working people and young adults saying that will slow down transmission but the vaccine does not slow down transmission. If anything vaccines speed up transmission through “vaccine complacency”.

This is also one of my main objections about vaccinating children. They are not that vulnerable to covid. I have personally looked at other data and omicron seems to affect older people even more than the delta variant did. I mention this because there were all sorts of scare articles making out that omicron affects children more. That is not so. Look at this little clip I did.

Lastly I want to highlight that many children have died from the vaccine itself and that the TGA is deliberately hiding the data. I have by chance found a few child deaths after vaccination. Here are just a few posts where I have uncovered children dying from the vaccine. The only reason why they may be pushing the vaccine onto children is that Australia bought 150 million doses of vaccine at the start of 2022 and they do not want to throw it away. Use your brains before you get the vaccine and #leavethechildrenalone.


Finally, let me give you a link to the wonderful job done by Meryl Dorey from Informed Choice. Here is is.


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