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The Boston Coronavirus has a kill rate of 80%. Made in the USA.

Researchers at Boston University USA, took the Wuhan coronavirus and replaced most of its spike proteins with the omicron spike protein, to make a new coronavirus, for what reason I have no idea.

Anyhow the CFR for this virus is about 80% compared to the omicron variant which has a CFR of 0.15%.

The researchers tested the virus on mice, but not on the type of mice that are closest to humans, so the CFR for humans might be quite a bit less. But even at 4%, which was the original estimate of the CFR of the Wuhan strain, this is deadly stuff. I cannot see why they would even contemplate to such a thing, let alone get research money and approval from the NIH USA. This is unbelievable.

If this thing escaped we will have a real pandemic because if you think back it took Omicron about 2-3 months to completely spread around the world, the industrialized free-travelling world in any case. If this thing was let loose or released we would have the biggest catastrophe imaginable, that is why I am so concerned. Just in Australia we would be having up to 50,000 deaths a day (for CFR 80%), which is more than the number of Australians killed during World War II. In a day. At 4% we would be having 2,500 deaths a day. A day!

Personally I do not believe that the CFR can be higher than 4% in humans, as this was the CFR of the Wuhan virus to humans.

Here is a link to the paper, still in preprint form. PAPER <–

Here’s is a nice youtube video by Dr John Campbell, who seems to agree with most if not all of my views of this pandemic and vaccines.

Here is another great video presentation on facebook about the same matter.


An unbiased news article to read.

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