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TGA database Adverse Event Notification says 935 deaths after covid vaccine, but total is 2631. x10 means 26,000 could have died from the jab in Australia

Why is the TGA lying? From it’s own database it says there were 935 reported deaths after a covid19 vaccination but a count actually gives 2631 deaths.

Taking into account that say only 50% of reports are made would suggest that more than 5,000 people could have died after covid immunisation.

In actual fact some people say only 1 in 10 cases is reported. If that were the case then up to 26,000 people could have died following covid immunisation.

Here is the video of me doing the count. Too big to add here but I tried to upload to Bitchute, as youtube will not handle vaccine deaths.

I have only looked at deaths, but lots of people (about 10 times more) have been harmed by these vaccines as well. The vaccines were not safe and they were not effective. They had no right to mandate this shit on health people, and certainly not children. Have they stopped jabbing yet? They should all be in jail.


Another dirty trick by the TGA to stop you looking at young people is the have lots with no age and place them in front of the youngest so you have to load the next page and next page. I have 500 entries per page (minimum is 25, maximum is 500) and hit next page 6 times and then 1 hour later it goes all random on me. See below. I am going to persist to see if i find something. These bastards should be in jail. I went back and redid the search from lowest age and it did the same thing. They are trying to stop you see how many young people have been harmed. I do not know why they are even jabbing young people. I have been calling for a benefits for age scenario for over a year now, and finally some publications are saying the vaccine is more harmful to young people than covid.


To make it harder to identify the age of people who die etc. the TGA has gone back to the old style of reporting and searching the data. It was much more convenient in this video.


To top things off, how many were weakened by vaccine to later die from covid, the so-called died-with-covid group.

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