Dr George Christos

covid19 & other Infectious diseases

Some of the Omicron Subvariants BA.2.* seems to be more deadly than BA.2

The Case fatality rate (CFR)= deaths/cases has risen in both Denmark and the UK, and the only think I can put it down are the new subvariant BA.2.9 in Denmark and UK, and possibly also BA.2.3, and BA.2.23 in the UK.

In January the CFR in Denmark dropped to 0,05% but is now at 0.7% ( a 14-fold increase). In the UK the CFR has risen from 0.15% to 1.5%.

Both countries have recently relaxed restrictions so some of these increases may be to reduced testing and reduced cases.

Victoria, Australia has BA.2.9 and BA.2.3 just starting to kick in as well as some other variants like B.2.10 (becoming prevalent in the USA), and it own BA.2.3.3.

NSW has BA.2.3, BA,2.10 and BA.2.23 and BA.2.23 kicking up.

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